Sony announces experimental Xperia Projector
One of the biggest surprises at the Mobile World Conference (MWC) this year was Sony’s Xperia Projector, an early development concept offering some eye-catching features that go well beyond those of a traditional projector.

The experimental new device, little bigger than your average desktop computer, runs apps and acts as a central hub for your home, presumably designed to connect to the Internet of Things.

The Sony Xperia Projector beams images and movies onto an array of surfaces, including walls, tables and floors, so long as they’re white, but no details were available about the internal components, lamp technology or the projected resolution.

Most impressive, however, is how the projector works as a virtual keyboard by projecting keys down onto a white table surface, for example, as well as how it reacts to voice and gesture commands too. In fact, there are a variety of menu options, apps and other input commands that turn any white surface into an interactive experience, a little like the computers seen in the sci-fi movie Minority Report.

At the MWC 2016 in Barcelona, Sony demonstrated using the Xperia Projector as a home phone device — one or two taps on the wall could call up your mother, for example — but it’s in gaming, education and a host of creative tasks that the technology could really take off, especially if it were marketed towards schools and businesses.

The Xperia Projector is still an early proof of concept in the development stage, with Sony no doubt gauging the reaction to its device before refining the final design of the compact projector. Sony has yet to confirm when or if the device will ever make it into stores.

(Image: TechRadar)