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Touchscreens have become ubiquitous in our daily lives, found in mobile phones, tablets, classrooms, and meeting spaces. Collaboration and engagement are now fundamental components of both education and work environments.We have selected key touchscreen brands catering to the education and corporate sectors. When implemented effectively in an educational context, touchscreens can facilitate active learning, improve classroom management, promote inclusivity, enhance learning outcomes, and boost engagement and enthusiasm. Touchscreens are also widely used in meeting rooms to promote collaboration, increase efficiency, and facilitate interactivity.

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  • Office (9)
  • Education (7)




  • 49" and under (3)
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Brightness Candela

Brightness Candela


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  • Benq (4)
  • Christie (10)
  • Digital Projection (10)
  • Epson (30)
  • Fujifilm (2)
  • NEC (15)
  • Optoma (17)
  • Panasonic (50)
  • Sony (10)
  • ViewSonic (2)

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Special Features
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Interactive Touchscreens?

Interactive touchscreens are displays with built-in touch technology, allowing users to interact directly with the screen using their fingers or styluses. They offer a more intuitive and engaging experience compared to traditional displays.

What are interactive touchscreens used for?

Interactive touchscreens are used in diverse settings, including:

  • Education: Interactive whiteboards for classrooms, learning games, and student engagement.
  • Business: Presentations, data visualization, collaboration tools, and digital signage.
  • Retail: Interactive product displays, wayfinding systems, and self-service kiosks.
  • Healthcare: Patient information access, medical simulations, and interactive patient education.
  • Public spaces: Information displays, wayfinding systems, and interactive exhibits.

What differentiates interactive touchscreens from regular displays?

Unlike standard displays, interactive touchscreens possess integrated touch sensors, enabling direct user interaction with displayed content through touch gestures.

What are the different types of touch technologies used in interactive touchscreens?

Common options include :

  • Resistive touchscreens: Durable and affordable, ideal for public spaces and high-traffic areas.
  • Capacitive touchscreens: Offer smooth and responsive touch, suitable for precise tasks like design and education.
  • Infrared touchscreens: Function through light beams, ideal for dusty or wet environments.
  • Optical touchscreens: Utilise cameras to detect touch, perfect for large-format displays.

How can interactive touchscreens be integrated with existing AV systems and infrastructure?

Many models offer various connectivity options like HDMI, USB, and Ethernet, allowing seamless integration with audio, video, and network systems.

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