The emerging technology known as HDBaseT seems to be the ultimate solution for consolidating multiple AV signal transmissions over a single cable. Yes, you heard it right, just one cable!

Essentially, it allows multiple signals to be transmitted over a low-cost CAT 6 cable or above, allowing for uncompressed high-definition video, audio, Ethernet, control signals and up to 100W of power to be transmitted with minimal fuss.

There’s no other single technology that can do this, so it’s an important milestone in the world of tech, regardless of your chosen application.

For those with home cinema projectors or meeting room projection technology, the benefits of this new system are very clear. We’re looking at much less clutter when it comes to set up and installation, as well as consistent image and signal quality with zero delay. Here’s what you need to know.

Is HDBaseT the future?

The HDBaseT technology, promoted and advanced by the HDBaseT Alliance, has become the standard in multimedia distribution both for home and commercial uses.

There are hundreds of HDBaseT enabled products on the market right now, including many projectors that make full use of this advanced technology that unifies the HD digital video, audio, Ethernet, power, and control connections of entertainment devices.

There is also a whole host of HDBaseT transmitters, extenders, receivers and HDBaseT cables to support this new technology.


What about HDMI?

The HDBaseT cable is able to transmit data over much greater distances than HDMI and can also support the same 4K video formats. Therefore, it offers the same support as HDMI cables while offering additional data, control signals and power transmission.

Whether it is for home or office projector usage, digital signage or various other applications, HDBaseT has become the technology of choice. Increasingly used across many different industries and corporate settings, it offers the same great solutions to all.


Major features

Long-distance transmission

HDBaseT cables cover up to 100m/328ft with a single hop. Additional distances can also be covered with multiple hops.

Signal merging

It combines both audio and video, Ethernet, control signals, USB and power. This reduces clutter and simplifies most installation processes with little cost for hardware


HDBaseT technology delivers high-definition signal transmissions, including 4K (ultra-high-definition) video.


HDBaseT reduces the need for multiple cables and extensive infrastructure investments. Utilising a low-cost cable it can be installed and maintained easily without any high costs involved.


HDBaseT is being integrated into more and more devices and has become an industry standard, supported by major electronic brands such as Samsung, LG and Sony.

Multiple applications

As long as you have the right HDBaseT receiver in place with your device, this technology can be used in various settings, including commercial, corporate or at home.


Making the most of HDBaseT

Modern consumer electronic devices typically come with several ports and subsequently the need for several cables to connect your devices to others.

A television, for instance, will require a port for both HDMI as well as Ethernet now that we live in a world where our televisions receive as much if not more entertainment from the internet as they do through an aerial. Also, projectors have typically come with several different ports to factor in different device connectivity. With an HDBaseT enabled device, however, you will require only one cable.

If you have a compatible HDBaseT projector, then you can make the most of this pioneering technology simply by purchasing an HDBaseT sender/transmitter. Whether you’d like to learn more about this topic or explore the HDBaseT extenders, transmitters, receivers or HDBaseT cables and accessories we have in stock, contact us at Projectorpoint for more information.

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