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Panasonic PT-FRQ50WEJ

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SKU: p5599

The Panasonic PT-FRQ50WEJ is a versatile 4K projector with 5200 lumens, laser light source, and extensive connectivity options.

  • 5200 Lumens Brightness (Laser / DLP)
  • 4K UHD Resolution – 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • Lens Ratio 1.46-2.93 : 1
  • 3 Years collect, repair and return warranty
  • 20000 Hours Laser warranty
  • 16.1 KG
  • Project pricing available

£3,430.00 Excl. VAT

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Projectorpoint Opinion

The Panasonic PT-FRQ50WEJ features a bright 5200 ansi lumens, 4K UHD resolution (16:9 aspect ratio, 3840 x 2160 pixels via upscaling technologies) and a laser light source for up to 20,000 hours under normal operating conditons.

The PT-FRQ50WEJ features a versatile 2.0x optical zoom with a 1.46-2.93:1 1 lens as well as a wide-range V/H lens-shift (Vertical: +71 %, -48 % and Horizontal: +34 %, -27 %) for precise, yet simple image placement.

Extensive connectivity including dual HDMI (with HDCP 2.3 and 4K/60p support) inputs, Digital Link for audio visual transmission/network control, and a separate LAN port for network connection.

Price vs Spec, the Panasonic PT-FRQ50WEJ is unbeatable and our projector of choice at this price point.

Also available in black PT-FRQ50BEJ. If you require a black chassis please contact us to order.

Manufacturer Overview

The 5,200 lm PT-FRQ50 1-Chip DLP 4K (2) Projector Delivers smooth, Detailed images for an insightful visual experience.

Key Features

Smooth and Detailed 4K Image Quality
Quad Pixel Drive creates sharp, detailed 4K images with Rich Color Enhancer achieving vivid, accurate color. High-speed processing supports 240 Hz/1080p frame rates with latency of 8 ms or less (3) for smooth, grid-less images.

Flexible, Simple to Use and Easy to Integrate
V/H Lens-Shift and 2.0x zoom enhance installation flexibility while two CEC-compatible HDMI inputs and DIGITAL LINK integrate into 4K infrastructure. Preactivated upgrade kits for Geo Pro (4) and Remote Preview Lite (5) secure an effortless 4K experience.

Highly Reliable Low – Maintenance Projection
Filterless heat-pipe-based cooling and hermetically sealed optical block support 20,000-hour (6) maintenance-free projection. Optional Early Warning (7) functions streamline management and enhance reliability in museums, classrooms, and offices.
(1 Measurement, measuring conditions, and method of notation all comply with ISO/IEC 21118: 2020 international standards. Value is average of all products when shipped. When [PICTURE MODE] is set to [DYNAMIC] and [LIGHT POWER] is set to [NORMAL].
2 With Quad Pixel Drive.
3 Display frame rate corresponds to the input signal frame rate. Geometric adjustment features must be disabled.
4 Register your projector at PASS to download free Geometry Manager Pro software for Windows® PC. Some features only available from May 2022.
5 Requires Multi Monitoring & Control Software Version 3.2 or later.
6 Around this time, light output will have decreased to approximately 50 % of its original level ([PICTURE MODE]: [DYNAMIC], [DYNAMIC CONTRAST] set to [2], temperature 30 °C (86 °F), elevation 700 m (2,297 ft) with 0.15 mg/m3 of particulate matter).
7 Early Warning functions are bundled with free Multi Monitoring & Control Software (paid license required after 90-day trial period elapses).)

Smooth and Detailed 4K Image Quality

Quad Pixel Drive for Detail-rich 4K Images with High Frame Rates
Quad Pixel Drive, Panasonic’s original 2-axis pixel-quadrupling technology, rapidly shifts each pixel vertically and horizontally to produce sharp, clear, and detail-rich 4K images for a maximum resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels (16:9). Combined with the DMD’s high pixel-density and narrow aperture ratio, Quad Pixel Drive creates smooth, filmlike images with a superior sense of depth and definition, allowing viewers to retain complex information.

Rich Color Enhancer Produces Vivid, Accurate Colors
Rich Color Enhancer is an original Panasonic color optimization technology for 1-Chip DLP™ projectors that offers two selectable modes. Dynamic Mode balances brightness and color for clear image visibility in well-lit environments. Standard/Graphic Mode optimizes color reproduction performance by adjusting color-wheel timing to expand red-channel output, leading to more naturally vibrant red expression. Colors are deep, rich, and accurate, faithfully reflecting the content creator’s artistic intent.

Compatible with High Frame Rate Content
Exclusive 240 Hz image processing technology supports frame rates up to 240 Hz/1080p with a minimal input-to-output latency of 8 ms or less (1) for fluid motion reproduction and fast response.
(1 Display frame rate corresponds to the input signal frame rate. Geometric adjustment features must be disabled.)

Dynamic Contrast Elevates Image Realism
Dynamic Contrast directly modulates light output to achieve high contrast with less power consumption. Digitally controlled frame-by-frame scene-linking modulation ensures precise light output adjustment for accurate contrast even when bright and dark scenes frequently interchange.

Flexible, Simple to Use, and Easy to Integrate

Flexible 2.0x Zoom Lens with Wide-Range V/H Lens-Shift
Versatile 2.0x optical zoom lens clears a path to stress-free installation by expanding throw-distance flexibility, giving you more freedom to choose a mounting position for the projector. Wide-range V/H Lens-Shift (Vertical: +71 %, -48 % and Horizontal: +34 %, -27 %) locates the image as desired when the ideal projector placement isn’t possible, such as in rooms with high ceilings or for projection at an angle. Adjustments are easily performed via joystick on the front panel.

Geometric Adjustment with Free Grid for Screen Adjustment via Remote Control
Free Grid simplifies operation of select Geometric Adjustment functions built into the projector. Using only the projector remote control, with no need of a connected PC, installers can correct image distortion caused by uneven surfaces or irregular objects on flat or curved screens. A grid is overlaid on the projected image, allowing the installer to reshape distorted areas by adjusting the position of node or V/H line control-points. Grids of 2 x 2, 4 x 4, 8 x 8, or 16 x 16 lines are selectable according to required granularity, and work progress is saved automatically. Grid and control-point colors are selectable to ensure clear visibility over the image.

Preactivated Upgrade Kits for Geometry Manager Pro Software
Geometry Manager Pro upgrade kits usually require activation on the projector or software side with a paid license key. PT-FRQ50, however, ships preactivated and ready for use with these upgrade kits at no extra cost. ET-UK20 Geometry Manager Pro Software Upgrade Kit adds sophisticated creative masking capabilities to an expanded set of software-based geometric adjustment functions. ET-CUK10 Auto Screen Adjustment Upgrade Kit automatically calibrates edge-blended areas of adjoining screens by adjusting their brightness, color, and black-level via a camera, creating a uniform multi-screen image in far less time. Visit the Panasonic Geometry Manager Functions webpage for more information.
(Note: Feature only available after May 2022. Use of Geometry Manager Pro requires projector registration. Visit PASS to register your projector and download free Geometry Manager Pro software for Windows®. Compatible cameras comprise Nikon D5200/D5300/D5500/D5600/D7500. Use of Auto Screen Adjustment function with these cameras requires installation of Auto Screen Adjustment Plug-in (a free camera driver available from PASS). Use of Auto Screen Adjustment function with D7500 requires Geometry Manager Pro Ver. 6.1.10 or later and Auto Screen Adjustment Plug-in Ver. 5.1.10 or later.)

Remote Preview Lite
Remote Preview Lite (1) allows the projectionist to check signal connectivity and to evaluate changes to the image when selected projector image adjustment settings are changed by previewing input video on a laptop screen. Remote Preview Lite works even when the projector is in Standby Mode and eliminates need for on-screen projection immediately before the presentation commences. It reduces chance of display issues before the performance, and if an error is detected, helps narrow down the possible cause to the input signal chain.
(1 Requires Multi Monitoring & Control Software Version 3.2 or later.)

Features 2x HDMI® CEC-Compatible Inputs for Easy Operation
Two 4K-ready HDMI inputs support CEC commands from compatible devices, allowing the projector to turn ON/OFF with the source device. Add optional Wireless Presentation System PressIT1 and share content from almost any device with a single press of a button. As with other compatible streaming devices, PressIT can be powered via built-in 5 V/2 A USB-DC terminal for self-contained on-ceiling installation. Compatibility with HDCP 2.3-protected 4K/60p video promotes smooth integration into your existing 4K-ready system infrastructure.
(1 Availability may vary by country or region. For more information on Wireless Presentation System PressIT, please click here.
2 Device’s USB Type-C terminal requires support for DisplayPort ALT Mode (image output function) and DC power supply (5 V/0.9 A). Refer to the product manual for more information. Android devices require a dedicated app.) Note: Accessories sold separately. Operation with third-party devices cannot be guaranteed.)

4K/60p-Compatible DIGITAL LINK and Separate LAN Terminal
HDBaseT-based and 4K/60p input-signal-compatible DIGITAL LINK can transmit uncompressed video and control signals through a single CAT 5e (or higher) STP cable for distances of up to 150 m (1) (492 ft). Optional DIGITAL LINK Switcher or Digital Interface Box further simplifies installation and enhances reliability. Alternatively, 100Base-TX- or 10BaseT-compatible control signals can be assigned to a separate LAN terminal, freeing the DIGITAL LINK connection for high-bandwidth 4K video.
(1 In Long Reach Mode, 150 m (492 ft) transmission available only with ET-YFB200G DIGITAL LINK Switcher for signals up to 1080p. ET-YFB200G DIGITAL LINK Switcher is not compatible with 4K signals.)

Highly Reliable Low-Maintenance Projection

Multi-Laser Drive Engine with Unique Failover Circuitry
Failover Circuitry (1) limits brightness loss in the unlikely event of a single diode failure. Multi Laser Drive Engine (2) features redundant laser modules that maintain image display even if a laser module fails. Failover Circuitry provides an invaluable layer of insurance in situations where image display must not be interrupted.
(1 Specifications vary depending on projector model.
2 Rate of brightness decrease varies depending on projector model.)

20,000 Hours of Maintenance-Free Operation
To assure stable and reliable continuous operation, Panasonic implements a refined heat-pipe-based cooling system within the projector’s compact, easy-to-manage body dimensions. This filterless cooling system draws heat away from the optical block, which is hermetically sealed to prevent dust ingress in compliance with the industry’s toughest dust-proofing guidelines. Low-degradation laser modules, inorganic phosphor wheel, and filterless cooling system design contribute to 20,000 hours (1) of maintenance-free projection.
(1 Around this time, light output will have decreased to approximately 50 % of its original level ([PICTURE MODE]: [DYNAMIC], [DYNAMIC CONTRAST] set to [2], temperature 30 °C (86 °F), elevation 700 m (2,297 ft) with 0.15 mg/m3 of particulate matter).)

24/7 Continuous Operation
Supported by high-efficiency liquid cooling system, hermetically sealed and dust-resistant optical block, and low-degradation diodes grouped into multiple modules, SOLID SHINE Laser projectors can operate reliably 24 hours a day. These projectors are suited to continuous projection in exhibition and public display applications.

Multi Monitoring & Control Software with Optional Early Warning Functions
Panasonic’s free AV management software for Windows PC lets you monitor and control up to 2,048 compatible display devices of any brand via LAN to reduce maintenance hassle within display networks of any scale. The software enables status monitoring, control-command execution, content playlist delivery, playback scheduling, and system map visualization. A free 90-day trial of optional Early Warning functions is included and adds extra functionality. It notifies the operator in the event of a playback or device error, and sends alerts when symptoms of trouble are detected. Maintenance reminders streamline device management. Operational reports can be generated and exported as a text file. The software links with compatible network cameras for live screen-monitoring, and you can also monitor device status remotely from a tablet via VPN. Software data can be acquired via Web API and installed onto an existing control application.
Note: Download Multi Monitoring & Control Software here. Purchase an optional license at PASS to continue using Early Warning functions after the free trial expires. Some functions require software Version 3.2 or later.

Other Features

Reduces Distractions for Better Focus and Immersion
When background noise must be kept to a minimum, Quiet Mode supports almost indiscernible 28 dB (1) operation, limiting distractions in immersive projection environments as well as in office meeting spaces, boardrooms, and classrooms where audience attention must stay focused on the projected content.
(1 Brightness is reduced when operating the projector in Quiet Mode. Operating noise is 35 dB in NORMAL/ECO Mode.)

System Daylight View 3
System Daylight View 3 is the premium implementation of Panasonic’s System Daylight View technology. It supports six levels of user-selectable adjustment. To combat the effect of ambient light on the projected image and boost color impact in projection-mapping applications, sharpness, gamma curves, color, and brightness are all optimized to suit on-site conditions.

Multi-Unit Brightness and Color Control
Sensors detect color and brightness apparent on screen. Projectors automatically calibrate for a uniform multi-screen image, adding a layer of convenience and cost saving for long-term deployments.

Multi-Screen Support System
Optimally adjusts multiple screens with edge blending, color matching, and digital image enlargement.

Quick Start and Quick Off
Since the laser light-source doesn’t require time to warm up, images appear almost instantly. There’s also no safe cool-down required when disconnecting power—the projector can be turned on and off any time as necessary.

Data-Cloning Function
Data-cloning function (1) allows various settings and configuration data to be copied from a main projector to up to 99 sub projectors via LAN. This simplifies and expedites the setup process for multi-unit projection applications.
(1 Cloneable data excludes passwords, projector name/ID, and network settings. Data-cloning function is supported among identical projectors only.)

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To achieve an image with 382 cm diagonal size, place the projector anywhere between 449.49 to 945.59 cm from the screen.

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