Projector manufacturer Digital Projection international (DPI) has launched the first 3-chip DLP projector complete with LED illumination.

Following two years of development and a launch at the I/ITSEC conference, two versions of the Titan WUXGA LED 3D projector has gone into production.

Marketed as the brightest LED projection solution available, the Titan LED produces 2,000 lumens of brightness for over 60,000 hours. The DPI Titan also surpasses the company's already well-recognised maintenance-free projector operation, with 3-chip LED image display.

According to the AV Network, the projector's 1920 x 1200 resolution is based on the 3-chip DLP technology, which is provided by DPI partner Texas Instruments. This technology leaves the Titan free from the single-chip colour artefacts that are experienced by many single-chip DLP displays.

The elimination of lamp costs within the Titan LED lowers the cost of ownership over the projector's lifespan, while reducing the heat and noise output during use.

DPI's latest projector also features the high-bit signal processing that is inherent in 3-chip projectors, but alternative versions are available for those requiring IR capabilities. The Titan LED+IR projectors are also available with dual input control, which enables the simultaneous display and control of two separate streams of video.