The Best Enterprise Wireless Presentation Systems

When it comes to big business, it’s vital that every component of your company is a well-oiled machine. Nowhere are gaps or problems more obvious than in a meeting; with all eyes on the team, you want everything to run smoothly.

Wireless presentation systems are at the heart of today’s collaborative meeting environment and this single device can mean the difference between a professional and impactful meeting and a major communications malfunction.

But what factors do you need to consider when it comes to choosing the best enterprise level wireless presentation system for your meetings? Read on to find out more.


Security is serious business in the workplace. With more and more devices connected to company systems, you need to be confident that your IT security is up to the job at every level.

Barco is one wireless presentation system manufacturer that takes its emphasis on security seriously. Barco is the firm behind the ClickShare family; a product set that has been making waves ever since it first launched thanks to its complete devotion to an easy to use (and difficult to mess up) meeting system.

Activated in a single click, the ClickShare range can be adapted to suit meetings of just about any size and provides the added benefit of no set-up time. But perhaps one of the most alluring features of this particular package for big businesses has got to be its focus on security.

The latest addition to the range, Barco CSE-800, is an advanced wireless presentation system capable of driving two 4K UHD displays, allowing eight people to share content at once and connecting up to 64 users simultaneously.

It’s certainly impressive when it comes to the potential it offers for large meetings, but its scale also poses questions about data security. Thankfully Barco has this covered; by including enhanced security features such as the ability to either integrate the base unit to the company network and benefit from IEEE 802.1X or use WPA2-PSK in stand-alone mode.

Through the addition of the base unit’s password protection features, ClickShare also allows users to change the password on three levels:

  1. The WPA2-PSK password used to connect to WiFi from a wireless device
  2. The administrator password used to configure settings
  3. The integrator password used by your third party system installer.

It’s a perfect solution for collaboration on sensitive data, even if you’re inviting multiple outside parties to your discussions.

Big Meetings

Aside from security, the Barco ClickShare CSE-800 has also made a name for itself as the ideal tool for large meetings. Capable of supporting eight users at a time, CSE-800 allows dual screen meeting rooms to show all eight displays simultaneously (four per screen), making it easy to promote collaboration in meetings of any size.

For big businesses and multinational corporations, the potential to connect multiple people at once can bring serious added value to a meeting.

The CSE-800 can connect up to 64 users simultaneously, making it simple and fast for contributors to switch their displays up onto the main meeting room display screen in very large meetings. We don’t need to tell you that this ease of sharing is invaluable in business environments that are increasingly tailored around collaboration.

Bring Your Own Device Functionality

We know we’ve mentioned the CSE-800 a lot in this article, but in our defence it’s hard to beat the features offered by this Barco flagship device. In fact, alongside the many positives mentioned above, the ClickShare CSE-800 also just so happens to be the ideal wireless presentation system for any big business that requires true bring your own device (BYOD) functionality and ease of use.

A common problem faced by companies when meeting attendees bring their own tablet or laptop with them is the time wasted while the IT department assist with any network connection or sharing issues that arise.

The CSE-800 elegantly addresses this issue, requiring no cables and no set-up whatsoever. Need to share content? Simply plug in a Barco ClickShare Button to your USB port and press once to begin. Or if your meeting attendees are using a tablet or smartphone they can just download and app and tap it to start sharing. Attendees need to connect to your base unit? The CSE-800 features a secure wireless connection that can be joined without any need for set-up. It’s that simple.

Little Extras that Make a Big Difference

The Barco device covers the three essentials when it comes to an enterprise level wireless presentation system: security, multiple contributors and ease of connection regardless of device or operating system. But there are a few other options on the market that offer additional features and extras that could make a real difference depending on your team’s meeting style.

AMX Acendo Core is up there with the CSE-800 when it comes to the very best wireless presentation systems for large meetings and it boasts a number of interesting extras that could help meeting effectiveness. The ultimate meeting package, the Acendo Core offers room booking functionality, which from an operational point of view could omit the need for a secondary system to manage this. It also has a plethora of built-in software to ensure a flawless start, a collaborative and productive meeting and a prompt end, even with dozens of contributors present.

One aspect of modern, enterprise-level meetings that’s particularly well addressed by the Acendo is virtual attendance via applications such as Skype, which means meetings can now be bigger than ever. The AMX device allows for simple one-click joining, removing the need to track down a lost link or wait for an invite. The fact that the software is built into the device removes the need for a separate PC too, keeping setup straightforward.

The Acendo Core also addresses the issue of running over allotted time, which is a common concern in large meeting environments. With so many people collaborating, it’s easy to leave just moments for summarising and wrapping up. The Acendo Core comes complete with end-of-meeting notifications, which use meeting scheduling software to help manage the end of any meeting smoothly and efficiently.

So whether you want to wrap up, book your room for a little longer or find a new meeting room if yours is booked for another meeting, it couldn’t be simpler to draw a close to your collaboration.

If you would like to find out more about the advanced wireless presentation systems we have on offer, please visit our website or contact the Displaypoint experts to discuss your requirements.