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Wireless Projector Guide.

There was a time when sending data to a projector meant complex, high tech solutions, or an incredibly expensive specific wireless projector. But times have changed. The range of wireless projection solutions available today is accessible, incredibly effective and easy to install.

From reasonably priced wireless projectors and HDMI sender kits, to WiFi dongles and smart streaming devices, today there’s a wireless projection solution available to suit just about any requirement.

So whether you’re looking for a corporate solution, a fix for a classroom projector or a fully wireless home entertainment setup, read on to discover which option is right for you.

Wireless Home Cinema Solutions

For some people, wired solutions will always win hands down – they just can’t shake the feeling that a cable provides a greater level of reliability. But other people have seen how stable modern wireless solutions are and the flexibility that wireless connectivity offers means it’s a must for their projector setup.

Fortunately, thanks to the hard work of manufacturers across the sector there are now many methods of achieving wireless projection.

In-Built Wireless

It was a well-known fact that wireless projectors used to be hit and miss in their delivery. But many modern devices now deliver the reliability of a wired connection without the inconvenience of cables.

Perhaps you’ve recently redecorated and you don’t want to channel out the plasterwork for all the extra cabling required for a brand new home cinema projector installation. Or maybe you’re renting and simply not allowed to mess about with the plaster work to get the cables where you need them. Or maybe you’re just sick and tired of all those cables! Whatever your reason for considering wireless technology, projector manufacturers have come to the rescue with a new generation of reliable wireless and reliable WiFi projectors capable of supporting the latest in home cinema technology. Epson’s Epson EH-TW6700W is the perfect example. The device features WirelessHD functionality designed to increase the time users spend enjoying its impressive brightness and vivid colours, and reduce the amount of time spent faffing about with wires and connectors.

This impressive functionality is also available in the popular Epson EH-TW9300W, which combines WirelessHD technology with enhanced 4K UHD for wireless streaming without compromise.

If a wireless home cinema projector is what you’re after, we can’t recommend the Epson devices highly enough. They impressed our team to the point that we couldn’t even tell the difference in picture between these and the wired counterpart – a true sign of how far the technology has come.

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Smart Streaming Devices

You’ve probably heard of Amazon Firestick, Apple TV and Google ChromeCast. But have you considered using them with as a wireless connection to your projector before? Many digital projector reviews cite these devices as the ‘go-to’ device for home entertainment users.

They all work in very similar ways, connecting your projector up ready for wireless streaming in a matter of seconds. The Amazon Firestick and Google ChromeCast link up via an HDMI port. Apple TV is equally as simple to connect via Airplay, which lets you wirelessly stream in up to 1080p Full HD resolution from any iOS device.

Of course, one of the main benefits of this method is the low cost (usually below £100), as well as the small size of the extra tech and the flexibility to create the entertainment system of your choosing. The differences between each manufacturer’s offering means you need to spend some time thinking through the devices you’d like to stream from and the quality of output you expect.

But if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to watch Netflix or YouTube on your projector screen, then you could be onto a winner with a smart streaming device.

Wireless HDMI Sender Kits

If you want a device that’s more specifically designed to send video around your home wireless HDMI sender kits step things up a level.

Based on WHDI technology, these kits are capable of sending uncompressed 1080p resolution video with zero delay to any receiver unit. The transmitter unit, which features two HDMI inputs for multiple sources, makes this option one of the most advantageous in a multi-device home environment.

It’s worth noting too that most wireless HDMI sender kits have IR Pass-through. What this means in practice is that you can control your home cinema receiver or source device from wherever the HDMI receiver is. This is perfect for multi room setups, or when your home cinema receiver and Blu-ray player may be hidden out of sight – a prime usage example of wireless projectors.

Wireless Business Solutions

Home environments are one thing, but corporate environments bring a whole new element of collaboration and team work. We (quite rightly) expect a lot of our technology in the work environment, asking that it helps us to remove obstacles and increase productivity. Business meetings need to run as smoothly as possible so there can be no time spent trying to fix unreliable wireless connections.

Fortunately, the wireless connectivity solutions on offer for corporate environments today really excel when it comes to ease of use and reliability. Which one your team chooses will depend on your working style and requirements.

Manufacturer WiFi USB Dongles

While they’ve been around a while now, manufacturer WiFi dongles are still one of the most popular methods of connecting projectors to a network for wireless content delivery. Not every manufacturer offers them, but with the likes of BenQ, Epson, InFocus, NEC, Optoma and Sony on the list, you’ll have plenty of choice.

Simple to use, dongles often require no more than the installation of manufacturer software on your PC or Mac before they’re ready to receive data. They’re compatible for use with any projector that offers a USB Type A too, so there won’t be any hassle with getting things up and running.

The final step? Make a WiFi connection between your computer and the WiFi dongle in the projector. Simply select the SSID that corresponds to the WiFi dongle from the list of available WiFi networks on your computer.

WiFi dongle coverage is one area people often worry about but today’s devices offer a perfectly acceptable reach for your average meeting room set up, with general transmission reaching around 10 metres depending on environmental factors.

However, it is worth noting that Manufacturer Wi-Fi dongles are not suitable for streaming video. Only suitable for the transfer of documents and static images such as photos.

Wireless HDMI Sender Kits

Another popular choice for peer-to- peer sharing in a corporate setting, particularly for those businesses looking for a more robust solution for multimedia presentations. Although again, environmental factors can affect coverage, a range of between 2 and 15 metres for HD content makes an HDMI sender kits ideal for smaller meeting rooms.

Network Content

As soon as you include access to and data transfer from your company’s network, security needs to step up a level. If you want the convenience of wireless too, then your WiFi projection technology better be up to the job.

Thankfully, corporate-focused manufacturers have developed secure and reliable solutions that can deliver content over your company network without the risk of data breaches.

One such device is Barco ClickShare, which has become one of the mainstays of the sector. With a focus on simplicity and security, Barco ClickShare addresses the issue of network sharing with the ClickShare base unit, which hooks into the projector then links with your external devices (laptops etc) via a one-click ClickShare button or your users can see the base unit on the network (ClickShare CSE-800 base unit only) – much like a printer. Combine this with the ability to set security levels to one of three predefined levels, and you have the perfect network content sharing package.

To get your team connected, simply hand out the ClickShare button to your contributors. They can plug this into the USB port on their device and press the button to share their screen to the meeting room projector as soon as they’re ready to go.

ClickShare the most popular device in the corporate market, but it’s not the only one. There’s no denying the impressive credentials of the Vivitek NovoPRO. A wireless presentation and collaboration device, NovoPRO is designed for meeting room and classroom learning activities, featuring file sharing, access to cloud-based resources and support for all types of WiFi enabled devices including iPads and Android equivalents. Users also benefit from security and moderator function, so staying in control of your data is easier than ever.


Collaboration is becoming more and more important in the corporate environment as companies recognise the ease with which technology allows them to bring teams together and drive ideas forward.

We’ve featured Barco ClickShare already, it’s a brilliant tool for sharing information from your company network to a projector wirelessly. But it’s worth another mention in the context of collaboration.

The ClickShare family allows teams to engage and share content at the touch of a button. Just plug in your base unit and share out the ClickShare buttons, and up to eight people can share their content (across two projected screens) at once with the option for up to 64 people to be connected to the device, ready to switch in and share their content when the time is right.

These flexible devices even allow AirPlay mirroring for iOS devices, so it’s easier than ever to have a productive and cooperative meeting without all those wires getting in the way and bring in collaborators who have bought their own device..

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