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Viewsonic X2000L-4K

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The ViewSonic X2000L-4K is a compact ultra short throw projector with 4K UHD resolution, laser light source, and Harmon Kardon audio.

  • 2000 Lumens Brightness (Laser / DLP)
  • 4K UHD Resolution – 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • 5 years collect, repair and return warranty
  • 5 Years or 20,000 hours Laser warranty
  • 9.9 KG
  • Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity

£1,691.00 Excl. VAT

We can advise you on all technical aspects of this projector.

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Projectorpoint Opinion

The ViewSonic X2000L-4K is a dedicated ultra short throw home cinema model and features 4K UHD resolution, laser light source, Bluetooth and wifi connectivity and a Harmon Kardon audio.

The X2000L-4K has a fixed 0.22:1 ultra short throw lens capable of producing a and image between 65 and 150inches. A 100 inch diagonal image is produced from less than 25cm throw distance. Being a UST model, User safety and comfort is a top priority. With built-in ultrasonic sensors, the Eye Protection* feature automatically cuts power to the projection beam when objects are too close to the lens. Its protection angle is even wider with dual-sensor design – which is rare on ultra short throw projectors. (*The default setting is “Off”. You can turn it on in Basic Settings.)The form factor of the model is also significantly smaller and lighter than competing models.

Another feature on the X2000L-4K not generally found on ultra short throw projectors is it’s 4 corner and 60 point image correction. 4 Corner adjustment delivers perfectly shaped images from above, below, side, or any other angle as each corner can be adjusted independently. Even a spherical surface can be projected with 60 points correction, lifting the limits of your space.

The ViewSonic X2000L-4K integrated onboard audio is provided by Harmon Kardon speakers in the form of 2x 25w main speakers, 2 x 10w tweeters and 2 x 15w woofers. The result, jaw droppingly good audio with crisp high notes, deep, rich bass and a full range in between. Even at full volume, audio clarity is superb with no distortion to sound. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect your mobile device to the X2000-4K to stream your favourite music and take advantage of the Harmon Kardon audio experience.

Price Vs Specification, the ViewSonic X2000L-4K is unbeatable and our projector of choice.

Manufacturer Overview

Understanding the Difference Between ANSI Lumens and LED Lumens

LED-based light sources have higher perceptible brightness than lamp-based projectors, even though they may have the same measured ANSI lumen rating. This is because the human eye is more sensitive to certain wavelengths of light and more receptive to highly saturated coloured light. LED projectors produce much more saturated colours that are more concentrated in the wavelengths of light the human eye is receptive to than lamped-based models. Therefore LED will be perceived as being brighter.


led vs lamp brightness

Most people would assume that the coloured patches on the left are brighter than the grey scale patches in the centre; however, they have the same measured ANSI lumen brightness.

The coloured patches on the right may appear to have the same brightness as the centre grey scale patches; however, the ANSI lumen brightness of the coloured patches on the right is much lower than the centre grey patches.

In the image below, The 900 ANSI Lumen LED projector was reduced from 1000 ANSI to 900 ANSI to match the approximate brightness of the 2200 ANSI Lumen lamp-based projector while maintaining the same 2.4x average perceived brightness ratio

LED vs lamp based projectors

The X2000L-4K is ViewSonic’s first ultra short throw smart laser projector. Combining true 4K UHD resolution, HDR/HLG support, 100% Rec.709 cinematic colours, and custom-built Harman Kardon speakers with Dolby/DTS soundtrack support, the X2000L-4K delivers an audiovisual feast right out of the box. Capable of projecting a 100” image from just 23.4cm away, the 0.22 ultra short throw ratio offers an immersive experience along with 4-corner and warping adjustment capabilities to turn virtually any surface into a cinema, live concert, or a wonderland beyond your imagination. Built with 2nd generation laser phosphor technology, the X2000L-4K is geared for instant entertainment and ready to accompany you for 20,000 hours of quality visuals. Smart capabilities such as built-in Wi-Fi for wireless content sharing from your mobile devices and Bluetooth for flexible audio options make content streaming easier than it has ever been before.

2 Colours of Design to Fit Your Home Style
The ultra short throw smart laser projector comes in 2 colours: black (X2000B-4K) or white (X2000L-4K), enabling you to choose the colour which will match your interior design, so your projector harmoniously blends into your space.

Ultimate Viewing Experience with 4K HDR
Enjoy the clear detail of true Ultra HD and dynamic-looking visuals with HDR and 3D support. With 8.3 million pixels projection on your screen, all 4K movies, games, sports, and streaming contents come to life sharply and vibrantly.

Simple Elegance for Your Home Aesthetic
Maintain the aesthetic and spaciousness of your home with a 0.22?ultra short throw ratio. Get a 100” screen with only 23 cm distance from the wall to ensure the?projector’s presence maintains harmony with your tasteful interior, freeing the wall space when not in use.

Get Perfectly-Shaped Images Effortlessly
Make the setup of this ultra short throw projector a breeze with 4 Corner adjustment and 60 points correction. 4 Corner adjustment delivers perfectly shaped images from above, below, side, or any other angle. Even a spherical surface can be projected with 60 points correction, lifting the limits of your space.

Reliable Long-Term Performance
The X2000L-4K adopts the 2nd generation Laser Phosphor Technology, offering a lamp-free lifespan of 20,000 hours and providing consistently vibrant images without brightness degradation over time.

Instant Power On to Enjoy Your Favourite Shows Right Away
Tired of staring at a blank screen waiting for the display to get started? We revolutionised the stereotypical projector’s start time, allowing you to turn the X2000L-4K on in an instant – just like you would with a regular TV.

Cinematic Colours in Your Living Room
The stunning colours offered by ViewSonic’s proprietary Cinema SuperColor Technology with 100% Rec.709* ensures an incredible viewing experience right in your living room.
*Measured using the CIE 1976 UV standard

Theatre-Level Harman Kardon Speakers
The theatre-level 50W speakers customised by Harman Kardon deliver contagious and sensational audio for an all-around immersive experience with dual sets of 10W tweeter and 15W woofer drivers.

Bring the Audio Alive with Dolby & DTS Support
With DTS and Dolby Digital support, the projector is able to reproduce high-quality surround sound, delivering a rich, clear, and powerful audio performance of all kinds of content including broadcast, stream, download, or even disc. Bring the original sound back to life and indulge in an immersive cinemalike experience through your audio system at home.
*Recommend to use at least 5.1 channel to deliver the all-around sound.

More Flexible Audio Needs
Enjoy the acoustic heaven with the X2000L-4K by turning it into a Bluetooth soundbar. Or the other way around, output the audio of a thrilling game from the X2000L-4K to your own Bluetooth headset and fully transport yourself to your own big-screen fun.

Wireless Screen Mirroring from Your Smart Devices
Create and share amplified enjoyment in an instant. Thanks to the embedded 5GHz fast speed Wi-Fi connectivity, you can cast or screen-mirror content from your devices at hand to the big screen without a single cable.

Intuitive Touch Control with Your Phone
Now you can turn your mobile device into an alternative powerful remote control – intuitive touch control, easy typing, and simple annotation on the big screen. Simply download the ViewSonic vCastSender app on your phone, make sure your phone and the projector are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, and pair them up in the app to get started.

Flowing Movements All the Way
Lie back and immerse yourself in seamless viewing without missing a single second. The X2000L-4K features Frame Interpolation technology, which reduces motion blur and makes for smooth delivery of fast-moving images.
*Maximised support for 1080p@ 60Hz; 4K@60Hz

Easily Audio Integration with HDMI ARC Support
With HDMI ARC, the X2000L-4K can transmit and return audio signal over a single cable, eliminating the need for an extra audio cable between the projector and external audio system.

Eye Protection
User safety and comfort is ViewSonic’s top priority. With built-in ultrasonic sensors, the Eye Protection* feature automatically cuts power to the projection beam when objects are too close to the lens. Its protection angle is even wider with dual-sensor design – which is rare and considered valuable among ultra short throw projectors.
*The default setting is “Off”. You can turn it on in Basic Settings.

Smart Backlit Remote Control with Antibacterial Capability
Never struggle to find the right command button on your remote in the dark again. With a built-in G sensor, the smart remote control lights up automatically when you lift it. The special silver ion coating carries antibacterial capability certified by TÜV, protecting your health while being entertained.

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