Screen International Compact Tensioned Electric Screen - 200 x 112cm - 16:9 Format (COMT200X112)

200 cm viewing width
90 inch diagonal
£1,210.80 (£1,009.00+VAT)

Compact Tensioned is a motorised screen with a particular tensioning system on each side of it, that guarantees the perfect flatness of the fabric.It has been created for the Home Cinema market and is the perfect solution for the most particular and demanding requests.

Equipped with matte black side edges, a black extra drop and matte white fabric in order to give the best projection performance. Two universal mounting brackets either for ceiling or for wall included.

5 year mechanical warranty on motor, 2 years warranty on all other parts

Pricing for custom sizes available upon request

- Silent motor system provides a smooth and quiet operation
· Power: 6 Nm
· Speed: 17 rpm
· Power supply: 230V / 50 Hz
· Consumption: 137 W
· Certification: IMQ
- Totally manufactured from aluminium
- Smart design and easy to install
- Housing dimensions: 94x112 mm. (DxH)
- Housing painted with white epoxy powders (RAL 9010)
- Two universal mounting brackets either for ceiling or for wall included
- On/off switcher included
- Power cable located at the right side of the screen housing seen from
the front
- Flame-retardant projection surfaces - classification M1, M2 and B1
- Side black borders of 5 cm. (in the narrowest point), black bottom border of
5 cm., black top drop of 30 cm. and black dowel bar: height 35 mm.
depth 20 mm.
- Hour-shape glass tensioning system to provide perfect fatness
- Screen housing available in different colours (optional)


200.00 cm  /  78.74 inches
Height 112.00 cm  /  44.09 inches
Diagonal 229.22 cm  /  90.25 inches
30 cm
Bottom Black Border 4 cm
5 cm
Maximum Extended Black Drop
Overall Drop Height

Physical / Warranty

238x 11.2x 9.4 cm 
Gross Weight Kg
Product SKUS2166
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