Sapphire Premium Slow Retraction Manual Screens 1:1 234 x 234cm - (SWS240B-ASR2)

234 cm viewing width
136 inch diagonal
Exclusive 5 Year Warranty
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Sapphire slow retraction manual projector screens have been designed with a contemporary, minimalist style. The screens are a good choice for home cinema settings however are sturdy enough for frequent use within the educational or corporate sector. The slow retraction mechanism will retract the fabric with ease.

Sapphire slow retraction manual projection screens are manufactured with a white case and white plastic end caps. They have a durable spring mechanism that can be rolled and re-rolled quickly and easily. The strong spring mechanism ensures that the screen fabric is kept taut to maintain the optimal image clarity.

All the Sapphire slow retraction manual projection screens come with a black border surround to increase the clarity of the projected image whether using data or high definition video. The black border perfectly complements the 0.8: 1 gain factor material used throughout the Sapphire range. Through combining these two essential components the Sapphire screens are designed to maximise any projected image.

Unrivalled Warranty

5 year warranty - exclusive to ProjectorPoint Customers

In the unlikely event your screen should develop a fault within 28 days of purchase and is reported to the manufacturer in this time period, If after their engineer has contacted you via telephone to try and resolve the issue and been unsuccessful, a new replacement unit will be sent to you.

For the remainder of the warranty on contacting the manufacturer they will arrange for an engineer to contact you to discuss the fault and try and resolve it in the first instance over the telephone. If the fault cannot be resolved over the telephone the screen will need to go back to the manufacturer to be inspected by an engineer.


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Height cm  /  inches
Diagonal cm  /  inches
Bottom Black Border  cm
Maximum Extended Black Drop
Overall Drop Height

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