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Tab Tension Projector Screens from Projectorpoint

Tab Tensioned Projector Screens

Tab Tension screens as the name suggests feature a tension system, the screen surface is taut and tensioned at every point to ensure a perfect projection surface. This is particularly important when using ultra short throw projectors. Some models can automatically lower and raise when the projector is powered on or off.

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Tab-Tension Projector Screens - Frequently Asked Questions

What are tab-tension projector screens?

Tab-tension projector screens are a type of projector screen that uses a system of tabs to keep the screen taut and prevent it from sagging or wrinkling. This type of screen is typically used in high-end applications, such as home cinemas and corporate board rooms.

How do tab-tension projector screens work?

Tab-tension projector screens use a system of tabs that are attached to the back of the screen and are connected to a tensioning mechanism. The tensioning mechanism is typically located at the top or bottom of the screen and is used to apply tension to the tabs, which in turn keeps the screen taut.

What are the benefits of using a tab-tension projector screen?

There are several benefits to using a tab-tension projector screen, including:

  • Improved image quality: Tab-tension projector screens provide a smoother and more uniform image than non-tensioned screens. This is because the tensioning mechanism helps to prevent the screen from sagging or wrinkling, which can cause distortions in the image.
  • Enhanced viewing experience: Tab-tension projector screens can provide a more immersive viewing experience by eliminating distractions caused by wrinkles or sags in the screen.
  • Increased durability: Tab-tension projector screens are typically more durable than non-tensioned screens, as the tensioning mechanism helps to prevent the screen from tearing or stretching.
  • Extended lifespan: Tab-tension projector screens typically have a longer lifespan than non-tensioned screens, as the tensioning mechanism helps to protect the screen from damage.

What is the cost of a tab-tension projector screen?

The cost of a tab-tension projector screen varies depending on the size, features, and brand of the screen. They start from around £1000.

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