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Fixed Frame projector screens from Projectorpoint

Ambient Light Rejecting Projector Screens

Ambient light rejecting (ALR) projector screens are specifically designed to combat the negative effects of ambient light in a projection setup. Traditional projector screens simply reflect the light coming from the projector back towards the audience. However, in rooms with ambient light (from windows, overhead lights, etc.), this light can wash out the projected image, reducing contrast and making it difficult to see details. ALR screens use various optical techniques to address this issue. They often have a textured surface or employ special materials that selectively reflect light from the projector back towards the audience while absorbing or diffusing ambient light coming from other directions.

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  • Tab Tension (41)
  • 4K Surface (14)
  • ALR Surface (11)


  • Electric (40)
  • Fixed Frame (5)

Aspect Ratio

Aspect Ratio
  • 16:10 (32)
  • 16:9 (14)

Viewing Width

Viewing Width






  • Projecta (46)

Special Features

Special Features
  • Tab Tension (41)
  • 4K Surface (14)
  • ALR Surface (11)

Frequently Asked Questions - ALR Projector Screens

What are ALR projector screens, and how do they work?

ALR screens are designed to minimise the washout effect caused by ambient light in a room. They use various technologies like lenticular arrays, textured surfaces, or optical coatings to selectively reflect projector light towards viewers while rejecting ambient light.

What are the benefits of using an ALR screen?

  • Improved image quality: Enjoy sharper, brighter, and more vibrant projections even in moderately lit rooms.
  • Enhanced contrast: ALR screens deliver deeper blacks and richer colours for a more immersive viewing experience.

Are there any downsides to ALR screens?

  • Viewing angle dependence: The best picture quality might be limited to a specific viewing cone for some ALR types.
  • Cost: ALR screens typically have a higher price tag compared to standard screens.

Are ALR screens suitable for classrooms and conference rooms?

Absolutely! ALR screens are ideal for these environments where complete darkness might not always be possible. They ensure clear and visible presentations even with moderate lighting.

Are there any alternatives to ALR screens?

If complete darkness is achievable, or no direct ambient light is hitting the screen area, a standard projector screen might be sufficient. High-brightness projectors can overcome ambient light challenges without an ALR screen but speak to one of our projector specialists for further help and advice.

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