Projecta Tensioned Descender Electrol 117 X 200 cm (16:9) Complete Screen with UHD 4K Fabric 0.9 Gain and RF remote control (Projecta 10103750)

The Projecta Tensioned Descender Electrol is the most comprehensive ceiling recessed projection screen in the market and the perfect choice when the projection screen should be invisible after installation. The Projecta Descender is also the easiest ceiling recessed solution available thanks to the unique Easy Serviceability system and 2-step installation.

The 0.9 Gain HD Progressive fabric is designed for use with your HD or 4K UHD projector in low ambient light levels. If your environment is bright or you cannot control the lighting, please contact us so we can specify the correct gain level fabric for this screen.

Please note this screen is made to order. No returns or refunds are accepted once your order has been processed unless the screen has a manufacturing fault.

  • Overall Casing Dimensions : 243.1 cm x 16.5 cm x 14.5 cm
  • Viewing Area : 107 cm x 190 cm
  • Screen Diagonal : 218 cm (85.83")
  • Screen Format : HDTV (16:9)
  • Surface : HD Progressive 0.9 Gain
  • Tensioned: Yes

    190 cm viewing width
    85 inch diagonal
    £4,052.40 (£3,377.00+VAT)
    Easy to install and service Easy Serviceability : Accessing a projection screen to make adjustments and complete maintenance has been made installer friendly by Projecta. The motor and screen surface remain accessible even when the projection screen is installed in a ceiling. The bottom panel can be lowered and remains connected to the casing by two steel cables.

    2-Step installation : With the unique Projecta 2-step installation you can install the screen case separate from the screen surface. Install the screen case during the rough-in stages and the Screen Surface Assembly at any later stage to prevent damage. The Screen Surface Assembly includes the bottom panel of the screen, motor and screen surface.

    Tab-Tensioned :The tab-tensioning system will keep the projection surface under a constant tensioning for a perfectly flat viewing area. A flat projection surface will get the most out of your projector, making sure no pixels get lost or deformed. If detail is important a perfectly flat projection area is vital.

    HD Progressive Screen Material: Colour fidelity, image uniformity, pixel preservation - The best surface for HD and 4K UHD projection When you look closely at a projection screen surface, many surfaces look like varying grains of sandpaper and others have microscopic variations on the surface. This causes pixel loss and “noise” in the image because the surface isn’t able to perfectly reflect the projected image. As projection resolution advances, pixel preservation becomes much more important to preserve the clarity of your image.

    The chemistry behind a HD Progressive surface is formulated to create a surface free of microscopic variances allowing the screen to essentially disappear. The result is brilliant light, vibrant color and the best surface for HD, 4K and Ultra HD projection.

    Color Fidelity - We hold ourselves to the highest standard when it comes to color fidelity. All of our surfaces are individually tested and color measured to ensure each surface will preserve the true color of the projector.

    Image Uniformity - It is imperative that the surface reflects light in a manner that maintains the uniformity of the image being projected.

    Pixel Preservation - The clarity of an image is in the microscopic details. Our vinyl technology ensures a premium surface, free of microscopic dips or grooves, so that every pixel is preserved.

    Product Specifications
  • Ceiling recessed electrically operated projection screen 230 volt (50Hz) with a usage of no more than 0.43 Ampere (98.9 Watt).
  • The motor is mounted on the left side in the steel casing with rubber dampers to reduce sound.
  • The motor is mounted inside the roller, 4 wire, 26 rotations per minute, maintenance free, integrated brake and thermal overload cut-out.
  • The 4 wire connection goes through the metal casing.
  • The casing is galvanised on the inside and on the outside powder coated with a matte structure coating (RAL 9016).
  • The roller with the projection surface is supplied fully mounted but can be removed on location for the projection of the projection surface. After mounting the projection screen is reachable thought the bottom of the casing.
  • Install the screen case separate from the screen surface during the rough-in stages of construction.
  • The Screen Surface Assembly includes the bottom panel of the screen, motor and screen surface.
  • The triangular slat bar rolls into the case completely.
  • The screen fabrics are flame retardant and seamless in the viewing area.
  • Each side of the surface to have tab guide cable system to maintain even lateral tension and hold surface flat.
  • Custom slat bar with added weight maintains vertical tension on the screen surface. The ends of the slat to be protected by heavy duty plastic caps enclosing a preset adjustable mechanism for screen tensioning.
  • The projection fabrics have a black backing.
  • Standard 3 position wall switch is supplied.
  • The projection screen is CE marked and satisfies the strictest quality and safety requirements.



    cm  /  inches
    Height cm  /  inches
    Diagonal cm  /  inches
    30.0 cm
    Bottom Black Border  cm
    Maximum Extended Black Drop
    Overall Drop Height

    Physical / Warranty

    25 Kg
    Gross Weight33 Kg
    Product SKUS2427
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