When it comes to buying new projectors, there are a number of new and differing factors that customers need to take into account. These range from the brightness of the projector to the resolution that they offer. They also need to consider how it can be effectively mounted within their projector room. However, probably one of the most crucial and often overlooked questions is the difference between short throw projectors and long throw projectors.

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So what does the phrase "throw" mean? Essentially, this is the amount of distance you need to be able to “throw” an image from the projector to the screen in order to get the size you need. An easy way to tell if a projector is a short or a long throw is usually by the initials at the end of a model number. So for example, if it ends with ST, that typically, though not always, means that it will be a short throw projector. The opposite is true for those ending in LT.

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The difference between the projector's throw distance is also dependent on the lens that it uses. Long throw projectors are generally cheaper to build. Long throw projectors also require at least six feet in distance from where the projector is located to the projector screen. This factor limits (or benefits, depending on their intended usage) them to large rooms, such as large halls and for business presentations.

Short throw can create far greater images at much shorter distances, making them ideally suited to those who only have a small area in which to house their projector, so schools and bedrooms are ideal for these type of projectors. However, the cost of short throw, due to the quality of the picture, is often reflected in the price.

Finally, there's a set of projectors that have ultra-short throw lens.

These projectors can, for example, create an image of 100 feet from just 15 feet away. Typically, these are exclusively used for commercial applications. They also come in at very high price points, hence why their typical usage is within businesses. These models of projectors are also quite restrictive in terms of the brightness and contrast offered.


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So which throw projector is most suitable for you? Ultimately, that will depend on your use.

If you are looking for a home theatre experience but have rather cramped accommodation, a short throw would be the best bet. If you are giving a presentation or have the luxury of a large living space, a long throw would be better. Long throw projectors are also cheaper than short throw models. However, they need to have a lot of distance to be able to offer the same comparative quality as a short throw, so are not ideal for apartments and flats.

Short throws are perfect for apartment watching and home theatre experiences. However, these come at an additional cost and would not be particularly cost-effective for presentations. Hopefully, this blog will have explained the two differences and made up your mind at choosing what projector to go with.