Laser projectors are still a step up in price but the gap between this technology and lamp projectors is shrinking with each new release. Making the move is becoming more and more worthwhile.

Here are our top eight reasons why laser is fast becoming the only way to project, and why we think it’s time to make the switch.

If you’re looking for information on the technology itself don’t forget to check out our guide to laser projectors here.

1.    No lamp changes required

As you would expect from something that uses lamps to operate, every so often those lamps need changing. As well as being an unwelcome hassle, replacement projector lamps often cost upwards of £150, a cost that could add up to a significant amount over the lifetime of the projector.

Laser projectors however, don’t use lamps at all, so no replacements required.

2.    Up to 20,000 hours operational life

Back when projector technology first got going, your typical lamp projector would last about 500 hours. Nowadays, they go up to around 6,000 depending on the model. Even with this improvement, laser projectors still put this figure to shame, with the illumination source in mainstream models now coming with a lifespan of 20,000 hours and they deliver their stated, spec-sheet brightness for longer too whereas lamps can degrade in brightness.

Even if you were to use a laser projector for 40 hours a week, it’d still last the best part of a decade before you should need to look at repair or replacement.

3.    No need for filters

Filters are designed to control the amount of dust and other annoying substances that could get stuck and clog up the mechanism of your projector. Every so often, these filters need clearing out, which is again more unnecessary hassle that we’re sure you’d rather avoid if you can. Luckily with laser projectors you can – dust is merely blown straight through the mechanism, leaving the machine to operate at optimum temperature with no maintenance. Simple.

4.    Reduces maintenance

The need to constantly replace bulbs and clean filters means that lamp-based projectors require regular maintenance and upkeep, which is a cost for your facilities team or scheduled visits from an audio visual engineer. In short, it’s not just as simple as getting the box attached to a ceiling and switching it on. The fact that laser projectors manage to cut out pretty much all of this maintenance is an undeniable benefit.

5.    Lower ownership costs

At first glance, it looks like lamp projectors are the cheaper alternative, but with these things it’s worth thinking about your long term plans. With the ongoing need to replace the lamp in a lamp projector, the lifetime cost of a laser projector, while a greater outlay to start with, can actually be comparable if not cheaper in some cases.

6.    Low energy consumption

The key to laser technology is it provides focused energy for a more effective result. Some might even call it laser sharp… This means that it uses less energy to provide a crisper result. Lamp-powered projectors tend to create an unfocused, scattered circle of light, rather than a sharper dot, meaning that much of the energy required to power the system gets wasted.

7.    24/7 operation

Laser powered projector technology is designed to work whenever, however, and for however long you need it to – operational at the touch of a button. You’ll never have to worry about the system overheating, or needing to give it time to rest. If you want to run it for 20,000 consecutive hours it’ll do exactly as you ask.

8.    Instant on/off capabilities

As anyone who’s ever had to awkwardly wait for the projector to start working at the start of a class, lecture or meeting will know, old school lamp projectors take a while to get going. This is because they require time to reach optimum temperature.

Laser projectors on the other hand can get started almost immediately, which is particularly great if you don’t want to waste people’s time fiddling with inefficient technology.

We hope we might just have convinced you that laser is the way forward. If so, have a look at our laser office projector range today to get started with your own model.