The days of overhead projectors being used in schools are fading fast. More and more educational institutes are transitioning to more modern technologies, such as LCD projectors.

Gone, too, are the days of blackboards being filled up with quotations, maths equations and science diagrams. Digital projectors are now paving the way seamlessly for teachers to concentrate on teaching and for learners to effortlessly learn without the need to erase or have messy white chalk marks.

Here, we will explore why LCD projectors are beneficial in education.

A better interactive learning experience
Through the new LCD projectors, new learning experiences can occur, such as using Google Earth for geography, or looking at maps. Or using interactive school plans to learn a foreign language, or, even better using webcam functionalities to visit partner communities and schools for cross collaboration lessons. Schools can also stream videos with ease — something you cannot obviously do with either a whiteboard or an overhead projector.

New ways to learn
The new LCD projectors offer ways of reaching students in different ways. They allow the teacher to interact with students better, to use a multimodal form of teaching and to provide more entertaining ways to teach and get their lesson objectives and facts across.

Ease of use
In the past, connecting projectors to computers used to require specialist knowledge of connections and for training to be provided to teachers. Nowadays, teachers are a lot more clued up with technology, or if they aren't particularly savvy, projectors are now user-friendly enough to troubleshoot themselves if and when problems occur.

Easy to connect
Linked to above, LCD projectors allow images to be projected in a crystal clear format. This means that images be seen by all students in a lecture theatre or classroom, no matter the size of the room. Before LCD projectors came along, images were often blurry and small, which meant that only a certain amount of people (usually those in the front rows) could clearly see the image on the screen.

It's not just LCD projectors that are taking to classrooms by storm. New interactive flat panel screens (IFPS) that offer touchscreen capability are enhancing learning capabilities.

We're very interested to see how far technology in the education space can go. We're sure you are too.

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