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Barco UniSee

Outperforming other video walls on every level With its magnificent images, narrowest screen gap, and highest reliability, Barco UniSee is ideally suited to displaying compelling content in corporate lobby's, executive boardrooms, or even mission-critical control rooms. Wherever visualisations matter, Barco's UniSee is the videowall of choice.

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Barco UniSee. One system, three building blocks.


UniSee View – An uninterrupted LCD viewing experience

No-Gap Technology – The rather large gap (bezel) between tiles in conventional LCD video walls makes it difficult to distribute content over multiple tiles. Barco UniSee’s virtually seamless NoGap technology ensures the best possible, uninterrupted viewing experience – preventing visual information loss.

Unmatched uniformity. No colourations in the edges – A typical challenge with LCD panels is uniformity: normally, you can notice a variation in brightness between the center and the edges, especially when displaying light colours. But with Barco UniSee, Barco has completely re-engineered the design of the panels to counter all possible variations in brightness. The result is perfect intra-tile uniformity, never seen before on LCDs.

Ensuring a balanced viewing experience over time – Using real-time sensors that continuously measure color and brightness – and make adjustments as soon as necessary – Barco’s Sense X automatic calibration system ensures that the entire wall displays a perfectly balanced image at every moment, reproducing the image as it is intended to be. Sense X counters any shifts in brightness or color that occur in video walls over time, and that becomes far more noticeable as the bezel becomes thinner.Suited for ambient daylight conditions – Barco UniSee delivers a typical brightness of 800 NIT, giving you the power needed to optimize the video wall’s ergonomics to any lighting conditions – including ambient daylight. What’s more, ambient lighting reflections are minimised by the haze level of only 44% making Barco UniSee ideally suited to visualise your corporate messages in lobbies as well.

UniSee Mount: Self-aligned by the power of gravity

Aligning the displays of an LCD video wall can be a tedious job. The UniSee Mount makes this task a lot easier. Using the power of gravity, the screens slide into perfect position automatically, in any direction along the X, Y, and Z axes. Perfect alignment has now become pure science – not laborious craft.

The UniSee Mount was designed to make installation easy and fast. There are fewer connection points, and the cabling can be positioned neatly inside the guiders. Installs now require much less effort, resulting in faster commissioning.

The problem with traditional wall mounts is that they are extremely rigid. This means that there is no flexibility during installation. So you install the screens either with bigger interscreen gaps, or – when you try to align them perfectly together – you risk damaging the panel edges. UniSee Mount’s self-alignment mechanism makes sure the panels align gently, creating the best possible viewing experience, risk-free.Another revolutionary aspect of the UniSee Mount is that it facilitates servicing. Using a simple wrench to move the adjacent screens, all individual panels are easily accessible from the front – even the middle panels. Each panel can be taken out swiftly and securely, making maintenance easier. Moreover, cabling and electronics can also be pre-tested before screen installation.

UniSee Connect – Bright investments never fade

A video wall is often part of a business-critical application that needs to be operational at all times. That’s why Barco took all possible measures in the design phase to ensure the system’s uptime. What’s more, the system is built in such a way that it can easily be diagnosed and serviced, reducing potential downtime to the absolute minimum…

No noise distractions – There are zero cooling fans in the Barco UniSee system. In other words, the system has no components that create noise or that are susceptible to failure, so Barco UniSee operates silently and uninterruptedly.

The longest lifetime: With a lifetime of 100,000 hours, Barco UniSee’s backlight is built to last – about 67% longer than the mainstream solutions.

Fastest diagnostics and servicing – UniSee Connect is an open software platform that manages the entire video wall, automatically assigning and calibrating the panels. It also provides a single point of connection for remote diagnostics and control, ensuring that a Barco UniSee video wall can be diagnosed and serviced even faster.Faster repair – The modular design has another benefit: the components can be serviced a lot faster, guaranteeing a more cost-effective solution. Most repairs can even be done on-site, reducing downtime of the entire Barco UniSee wall to an absolute minimum. When servicing a particular screen, the other tiles of the video wall will remain operational.

Ensure uptime and avoid unplanned interruptions – Because the power supply is one of the most critical components of an LCD video wall, Barco offers the possibility to include a redundant power supply that automatically takes over should the primary unit fail. This can be positioned either inside the panel or in an external location. The main advantage of the redundant and remote power supply is that a defective unit is hot-swappable and can be replaced without a second of downtime.

10 reasons to choose Barco UniSee for your videowall

1. Uninterrupted viewing experience with NoGap technology
2. Perfectly balanced total image, thanks to Sense X continuous and real-time calibration
3. 100,000 hours backlight
4. No dark edges, superior intra-tile uniformity
5. Quick and safe installation with automatic alignment, without risk of damage
6. Easiest possible access to each tile innovative services to simplify your day-to-day
7. Modular, future-proof system, grows with your needs
8. Fanless – optimising reliability and eliminating noise
9. More reliability with remote or integrated redundant power supply
10. Fastest diagnostics, swift servicing, and easy connection with AV controllers, via open software based management platform

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