Simplify AV Room Control

From a single huddle room through to a complex multi-room AV set up, Neets AV Room Control Systems simplify using and controlling source and display equipment down to a simple button press or cable plug in.

With a choice of wall switches, in-table modules and 7-inch or 10-inch touchscreens for room control, NEETS provides control solutions for any room size or budget.

With Neets Touch Panel you can control the entire meeting room or lecture hall from one place. Whether you want to dim the lights, change presenter, or turn up the volume, it is as simple as a touch of the panel.

NEETS Room Control Solutions

Focus on your meeting not awkward moments

By combining products from the NEETS range of AV room control solutions you can create a huddle space or meeting room that anyone can walk into and control or plug in their device and present on the connected Large Format Display or Interactive Touchscreen.


Common applications for NEETS Room Control Solutions


The Huddle Room

Huddle rooms are generally the room of choice for quick impromptu meetings that last around 15 minutes or so with meeting participants of up to 6 people.

The most common scenario in huddle room meetings is for a participant to show content from a laptop on a connected display in the room. With NEETS it's a simple as plugging a HDMI or VGA cable from your laptop into the dedicated module in the table or wall. Doing so will trigger the system to automatically switch on the display and select the correct input for you. Plug in a different source laptop and the display will automatically switch to it. Removing all connected laptops and the NEETS system will turn off the display automatically.

Alternatively, you may have a huddle room(s) where you have a resident PC within the room. Using the NEETS wall or in table switch solution, pressing a single button will power on the Large-format display, select the correct input on the display and finally display your meeting room pc content. You can also control other functions of the display such as volume. Pressing the same button will turn off the room system.

The Meeting Room

Meeting rooms are generally medium-sized rooms that are suitable for up to 12 meeting participants. Important client and internal meetings are held in this type of room where a range of devices from smartphones to laptops, perhaps video conferencing are used both wired and wirelessly so it's vital the mix of connectivity and distribution options in the room are catered for but most of all are simple to use.

Using the NEETS Touch panel and in-table connectivity modules provide you with the flexibility to have complete control of the room setup. From the touch panel on the meeting room table, with the press of a button, the connected display(s) will turn on and switch to the correct input(s). During the meeting pressing another clearly labeled button on the touch panel will allow you to switch inputs on the display to display content from connected participant laptops/ devices and control the volume if so required. Once your meeting has finished with the press of a button on the touch panel the NEETS system will automatically switch off all source and display devices.

The NEETS system can be configured to control the room exactly how you require it. Should your needs or AV equipment change at a later date, the NEETS system can be programmed to reflect these changes.


The Boardroom

The Boardroom is normally a large-sized room that is suitable for up to 20 meeting participants.

Expanding on the flexibility of the NEETS Touch panel and in desk connectivity modules generally used in the meeting room control solution above, given the physically larger size of the room, by adding a simple wall switch or secondary touch panel at the front of the room allows you to continue to control the room system when away from the main touch panel situated on the board room table. Add a Motion sensor to the setup and the NEETS system can be programmed to bring the whole system to life, turning on display(s) switching to the correct input(s), setting the volume for the room all by simply walking into the room. After a set period of motion inactivity within the room, the NEETS system will switch everything off.

As ever the NEETS system can be programmed at a later stage should source /display devices or your room usage needs change.

Meet the NEETS Product Range

NEETS EasyConnect - Power

An all-in-one table solution. Some of the most common problems when bringing a laptop to a meeting room are that the proper cables are missing, they are too short, or the connection point is hidden in a floor pocket or wall panel so you have cables laying across the floor.

With the Neets EasyConnect – Power, you have all necessary connections ready for access at the tabletop including HDMI, VGA, 3.5mm audio, RJ45, and power sockets, inside a durable metal enclosure solving all the above issues.

EasyConnect is used in conjunction with NEETS Quebec Pro, SierraII, or Tango to create an intelligent AV control system.


NEETS Control - Solvo

Solvo is device agnostic. Choose your preferred brands and peripheral device types, depending on your needs and the type of room. Some examples of devices are webcams, microphones, speakers, and interactive whiteboards.

Entry-level control system for small, low-tech meeting rooms. Choose any combination of devices, connect them to Solvo and your system is ready. Solvo gives you 1 HDMI output (for display or projector), 3 xUSB, 1x 3.5mm minijack input and 1x 3.5mm minijack output.

Users bring their own devices and connect to the system using the provided USB 3.0 cable. CEC technology turns on and off the connected display, and power manages all the connected equipment automatically upon signal detection from the user’s laptop


NEETS Control - QueBec Pro

Designed to create an intelligent AV control system, ideal for huddle and small meeting rooms with Displays or projectors.

The auto-switching between sources makes it easy for all users to connect instantly. Even collaboration using Wireless presentation solutions are seamlessly supported and works smarter with QueBec Pro.

The QueBec Pro senses the presence of image/picture, and automatically initiates room functions and switches automatically between all HDMI/ VGA signals. With dimensions of just 218 x 70 x 37mm the Quebec Pro is small, compact, and designed to be installed out of sight.


NEETS Control - Sierra II

Neets Control – Sierra II provides an AV control interface in any room through an 8-Button freely configurable keypad with built-in controller.

Sierra II also enables touch control with a tablet (iOS or Android) through a built-in webserver. With power over ethernet (PoE) support, an external power supply is not required making the NEETS Sierra II one of the smallest and compact control systems available in the market.

The Sierra II can either be wall-mounted or incorporated into the NEETS EasyConnect table mounted solution.


NEETS Control - Tango

The Neets Control – TanGo is a powerful AV control system enabling intuitive touch control through Android/iOS touch panels or standard browsers and you can create your own GUI design

For easy installation, the TanGo comes with PoE IN and PoE OUT to avoid the need for external power supply for both the control system and an external device such as the NEETS touch panel.


NEETS Touch Panel

The Neets Touch Panel comes in either a stunning 7-inch or 10-inch model which is wall or table-mounted (optional accessory)  enabling intuitive control of all your AV equipment.

With Neets Touch Panel you can control the entire meeting room from one place. The interface can be completely customised to your needs and company design and colors, or you can choose between various pre-designed templates.

Featuring a built-in proximity sensor, the panel will light up ready for use when it detects a presence nearby.


Come and talk to us

If you like the look of NEETS and what it can do for your Huddle, Meeting, Conference or Boardroom, simply drop us an email or give us a call and we will discuss your requirements with you to produce a NEETS Room Control system tailored to your needs.

Neets Room Control Systems

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