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Sony VPL-FX40L

This product is discontinued.

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    • 4000 lumens brightness
    • XGA resolution
    • 3 Years collect, repair and return warranty


XGA (1024 x 768, 4:3)
4000 lumens
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  • Image Quality
  • Features
  • Connectivity
The Sony VPl-FX40 features powered lens zoom, focus, horizontal and vertical pictureshift functions for quick and precise image placement. In addition to these installation features, the FX40 can be tilted90 degrees upwards or downwards as well.Extensive connectivity from VGA to HDMI to RJ45 for network control and display the Sony VPL FX40 is a powerful and flexible install projector suitable for conference or training rooms.
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The Sony VPL-FX40L Projector

No Lens With Projector

Powerful installation projector featuring XGA resolution 4000 ANSI Lumens brightness and networking functions. Perfect for education government corporate house of worship and hospitality applications.

  • ANSI Lumens: 4000
  • Lamp Life: 2000 Hours
  • Native Resolution: XGA
  • Weight: 9.0 kg
  • Contrast Ratio: 700:1
  • RGB Data Inputs: 2
  • DVI: 0
  • Monitor Redrive: Yes
  • Horizontal/Vertical Keystone: 0 / -30 to
  • Wireless Network Capability: No/Yes
  • Type of Remote Control: Full
  • Carry Case: N/A
  • Warranty: 3 Year Loan Replacement

  • With their outstanding functionality, simple operation, and network capabilities, theseprojectors provide the tools to perform seamless presentations. The projectors’ abilityto accept a broad array of signals, including those from sources equipped withHigh-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), can make presentations moredynamic than ever before.

    3LCD Projection Offers Amazing ColorPerformance :The VPL-F40 Series adopts the 3LCD projectionsystem that uses three LCD panels. This systemallows the projectors to present bright and naturalimages. It provides high light transmission andexcellent color reproduction with high color lightoutput†. It also provides smooth gradients in darkareas, and even helps prevent color breakup orthe rainbow effect.

    Power Zoom/Focus/Lens Shift(Horizontal and Vertical):The Zoom, Focus, and Horizontal and Vertical LensShift functions available with the projectors’supplied power-operated lens and optionallenses can be controlled both from the projectorcontrol panel and the supplied RemoteCommander unit. Images can be easily adjustedto the desired settings both during installation andwhen the projector is in use.

    Flexible Orientation : The VPL-F40 Series projectors can be tilted 90degrees upwards or downwards. This flexibilityallows the projectors to be used in several differentways, including in a rear projection system.

    High-Speed Image Transfer over IP Networks :Because the VPL-F40 Series projectors employefficient compression and transmission techniques,they can receive and project images via IPnetworks for effective presentations from anynetworked PC.

    Network Presentations Using Up To FiveProjectors :Up to five VPL-F40 Series projectors can beconnected to a network, with the image from asingle PC projected on each of them. This featureis ideal for both large venues and multiple roomsin which images have to be projected from variouslocations.


    Light Source
    Display Type
    Brightness (Lumens )
    Contrast Ratio
    Lens Type
    Lens Ratio
    Optical Zoom
    Lens Shift Vertical Positive (%)
    Lens Shift Vertical Negative (%)
    Lens Shift Horizontal Positive (%)
    Lens Shift Horizontal Negative (%)
    Keystone Horizontal Negative (degrees)
    Keystone Horizontal Positive (degrees)
    Keystone Vertical Negative (degrees)
    Keystone Vertical Positive (degrees)







    VGA in

    VGA out

    BNC Video

    Composite Video

    Component Video

    USB for display and control


    USB Type A for power


    USB for PC Less Presentation

    RJ45 For Control/Monitoring

    RS232 For Control

    Screen Trigger



    Dimensions (W x H x D) in cm

    x x

    Weight (Kg)

    Fan Noise (db)

    Fan Noise in Eco Mode (db)

    Audio Output (Watts)

    Chassis Colour

    Lamp Life (Hours)

    Lamp Life Eco Mode (Hours)


    Projector Warranty
    3 Years collect, repair and return
    Lamp Warranty
    90 Days

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