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Here at ProjectorPoint, we can help you select the right projector for your pub or bar. There are lots of considerations in ensuring you get the right set up, the main factor that affects your choice is the contamination due to dust.  Just give us a call to find out just how easy it is to select the right projector along with projector screensprojector mounts and cables to make your installation professional but also cost-effective.

When choosing a projector for your pub you will want to take the following points into consideration.


This is probably the most important place to start. With the UK smoking ban in public spaces in effect, this opens up a wider choice of projectors available to you. You need to be sure that the projector you choose is capable of being used in a potentially dusty environment. If it can't, the dust can clog the internal workings and reduce the life expectancy of not only the lamp but also the projector.

Projectors that use LCD technology are particularly vulnerable, as dust can adhere to the LCD panels, and require regular maintenance of the air filters. On the other hand, most DLP projectors have sealed optics and no air filters making them easier to maintain in dusty environments.

There are several ways to protect your projector from dust. A common form of protecting the projector is to house this in a separate dust box. This is a protective housing that has external filters meaning the contaminated air is cleaned before it gets to the projector. If you would like more details please contact us.



Brightness is an important consideration in selecting the right projector for your public house. Pubs can be very bright environments during the day when the big match days are being played. it's likely you won't have the ability to control or dim the light entering the room. It is therefore recommended that you choose a projector that has an ANSI lumens (brightness) rating of at least 4000. The extra brightness delivered by a brighter projector will certainly help the image to be more visible, although reducing the ambient light on the screen will have an even greater effect.

Manufacturers who generally offer high brightness projectors at very competitive prices come from the likes of BenQ or Optoma.



Nearly all of the projectors we sell come with the following 'essential' connections:

HDMI ( for connecting BluRay DVD player, SKY box etc)
VGA (for connecting a PC)

Generally, for a public house, you will only want to connect SKY, BT Sports or Freeview to the projector. This is easily done if you are confused give us a call and we will be glad to help.



When looking through the specifications of projectors available at Projector Point, you'll notice they're generally classified as having either XGA or 1080p resolution. The resolution you opt for determines how many pixels the projector can display at one time, which in turn affects the smoothness of the image.

If you have SKY HD / SKY Q installed and want to take advantage of it, you will need a 1080p projector that has a HDMI input. The best way to display SKY HD would be using a home cinema projector as these have the correct input, resolution, and dedicated video processors for the best possible image. However, home cinema projectors range in brightness from 1000 to 2500 lumens and are therefore no good for pubs that have a lot of ambient light in them.

If your Pub is like that before looking at a home cinema projector you will need to reduce the ambient light levels in the environment - if this is not possible then opt for a high brightness business projector that features an HDMI input and 1080p resolution.

Still, confused?

We hope the above Pub projector guide has given you a clear understanding of the basics in what to look out for. We understand there is a lot to take in and a lot of choices so if you still need help we're only a phone call or email away.

Installation Service


Need your pub or bar solution installed? No problem we have an experienced installation team who can install your projector, screen, display and audio.  Please call for details.

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