BenQ W2000+

The BenQ W2000+ features 2200 ansi lumens and native Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels, 16:9 aspect ratio). At this price point, the image and colour reproduction produced by the W2000+ is unrivalled thanks to the all glass optics with low dispersion combined with the 6 segment colour wheel.

The BenQ W2000+ also features a 5% vertical lens sift which is enough to provide optical image correction for any potential oversights in mounting position. Optical Lens shift is a premium feature and generally only found on projectors costing at least £500 more!

At this price point, price Vs specification the BenQ W2000+ is unbeatable and our projector of choice.

  • DLP Display Technology
  • 2200 ANSI Lumens
  • 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) Resolution
  • 3500 Hours Lamp Life (Typical)
  • 15000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 1st year pick up, repair and return. Year 2 Return to base Warranty (Projector)
  • 1 year or 2000 hours (Lamp)
  • 3.6 KG's (Weight)
    Excl. VAT £700.00 Incl. VAT £840.00

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    Projection Technology DLP
    Resolution 1080p
    Brightness (Lumens) 2200
    Contrast Ratio 15000:1
    Lens Ratio 1.15-1.50:1
    Optical Zoom 1.30x
    Lens Shift Vertical Positive (%) 10
    Lens Shift Vertical Negative (%) 0
    Lens Shift Horizontal Positive (%) 0
    Lens Shift Horizontal Negative (%) 0
    Keystone Horizontal Negative (degrees) 30
    Keystone Horizontal Positive (degrees) 30
    Keystone Vertical Negative (degrees) 30
    Keystone Vertical Positive (degrees) 30


    HDMI 3
    DisplayPort 0
    HDBaseT No
    DVI-D NA
    VGA in 1
    VGA out 0
    BNC Video 0
    Composite Video 1
    Component Video 1
    USB for display and control No
    USB for PC Less Presentation NA
    RJ45 For Control/Monitoring 0
    RS232 For Control 1
    Screen Trigger Yes


    Dimensions (W x H x D) in cm 38.05 x 12.17 x 27.7
    Weight (Kg) 3.6
    Fan Noise (db) 29
    Fan Noise in Eco Mode (db) 27
    Audio Output (Watts) NA
    Chassis Colour White
    Lamp Life (Hours) 3500
    Lamp Life Eco Mode (Hours) 5000


    Projector Warranty 1st year pick up, repair and return. Year 2 Return to base
    Lamp Warranty 1 year or 2000 hours
    Your Home is the Premium Theatre
    Let your imagination soar beyond the stars to experience cinema as it was meant to be with BenQ Home Projectors. With ultramodern sleekness, lifelike cinematic colours and strikingly sharp details, BenQ projectors complement luxurious lifestyles by unleashing ultimate audiovisual experiences with simple wireless freedom.

    BenQ CinematicColour Technology

    See the Wonders with CinematicColour
    CinematicColour technology utilises optimal colours to bring out accurate and enhanced images. CinematicColour’s Rec.709 HDTV colour coverage, 6X speed RGBRGB colour wheel, high native ANSI contrast ratio and ISFccc certified calibration ensure incredible image performances and deliver detailed, sharp and crisp visuals to accompany your home cinema enjoyment.

    CinematicColour for Colours as Directors Envisioned
    Only True Colour Conveys Deep Feelings

    100% Rec.709 for Colour Accuracy
    Prepare to be amazed by BenQ’s CinematicColour technology to bring total visual enjoyment to your home theatre. Indulge in the most refined colours of the truest image production with factory calibrated 100% Rec.709 colour coverage. It’s time to turn your living room into a world class cinema.

    BenQ W2000+

    6X Speed RGBRGB Colour Wheel
    Of all DLP projector components, the colour wheel has the greatest effect on colour. Achieving perfect balance between colour accuracy and brightness requires high precision and stringent quality control. Because even nanometre differences create great differences to colour spectrum, BenQ CinematicColour uses precise nanometre-level references to test over 20 combinations of colour wheel angles and coatings. Each colour wheel is carefully fabricated with high-pure-colour coatings to meet Rec. 709 colour gamut requirements and reproduce the true colour of Hollywood films.
    BenQ W2000+
    BenQ Rec. 709            
    BenQ W2000+
    Only BenQ Provides a Factory Calibration Report
    Using special instruments and software, each CinematicColour projector is tested and adjusted for precise D65 colour temperature, gamma, black level, white level, neutral grey, RGBCMY colour tracking, hue, saturation, brightness and output from different interfaces based on ITU-R Rec. 709. Collecting all data for individual CinematicColour factory calibration reports, we are the industry’s only brand to.
    *Factory calibration reports included with CinePro and CinePrime series, except X12000, W8000, W3000
    BenQ W2000+
    Software Optimisation            
    BenQ W2000+
    Production Line Quality Control            
    ISFccc Certified Visual Calibration
    With the Imaging Science Foundation’s highly reputed ISFccc Certified Visual Calibration built-in, the image and colour performance can be customised for any space, along with preset light balance modes for day and night.

    Unmatched Image Performance

    High Contrast for the Finest Details
    Generating industry-leading levels of high native ANSI contrast ratio performance, the W2000+ produces clearly deep, true blacks and resolves subtle layers and fine details in dark and bright scenes without washout.
    BenQ W2000+
    BenQ W2000+
    Other projectors            
    All-Glass Optics for Best Visual Quality
    The BenQ 1080p Full HD optical system uses only the highest grade glass optics for superior light penetration and realistic image quality. Proprietary low-dispersion lens coatings minimise chromatic aberration, so you can enjoy your favourite HD content with brilliant clarity.
    BenQ W2000+
    BenQ W2000+
    Low Dispersion            
    BenQ SmartEco Technology
    An ingenious solution that intensifies your viewing pleasure while saving money, SmartEco automatically adjusts lamp brightness based on content to project richer blacks and increase contrast for tiny text and subtle details.
    BenQ W2000+
    BenQ DLP Projector SmartEco Mode
    BenQ W2000+
    BenQ DLP Projector            
    BenQ W2000+
    Non-DLP Projector            
    CinemaMaster Audio+
    CinemaMaster turns any room into a world-class home theatre with audio-enhancing technology to please the most critical movie enthusiasts. 20-watt stereo speakers housed in resonant sound chambers and BenQ Audio Enhancer’s breakthrough algorithms, used by Hollywood studios, dramatically boost bass and treble for serious stereo sound.

    Independent 3D Primary Colour Control

    BenQ’s unique colour management tool allows you to fine-tune the gain, saturation and hue of six primary colours (R/G/B/C/M/Y) individually. Now you can customise your colours to mimic nature, simulate faraway galaxies and everything in between.

    BenQ W2000+

    Designed for Taking Video Games to the Big Screen

    High Responsiveness Leads to Ultra-smooth Gaming
    Responsiveness is the most crucial thing gamers care about. The W2000+ improves the performance with low input lag to allow users to experience the fast-pounding thrill of racing games and swiftly react in sports games without delay. Whether you’re playing on the Xbox One, PS4 or Wii U, you can always be the first to react.

    BenQ W2000+

    Auto L/R Speaker Switch
    W2000+ detects the projection position automatically and switches the sound channels to the right side. Even if you change your projection position from table to ceiling, when you see a car from right to left on your screen, the sound will always synchronise with it.

    BenQ W2000+

    Short Throw for Any Space
    Maximise big-screen thrills in minimum space with the short-throw BenQ W2000+, which requires as little as 2.5 m to project stunning 100” pictures.

    BenQ W2000+

    Vertical Lens Shift Assist
    Vertical Lens Shift flexibility lets images be moved up and down without sacrificing image quality for easy setup or installation.

    BenQ W2000+

    H/V Sideways Keystone
    2D keystone eliminates trapezoid effects when projecting from a corner or on a side table to free up valuable space for active games or comfortable lounging.

    BenQ W2000+

    One-Stop Wireless Home Entertainment
    BenQ Wireless Full HD Kit covers up to 100’* with four powerful antennas for crystal clear streaming, even through walls. Pairing with the projector via one-time setup and staying paired, the wireless kit’s zero latency delivers smooth video and gaming with virtually no lag, while the dynamic frequency selection switches channels to ensure crisp, sharp streaming.
    * Line of sight. Transmission distance depends on actual environment. Stated distance is based on line-of-sight measurement. Structures constructed of steel, wood, concrete or brick may decrease transmission distance.
    BenQ W2000+

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