Canon XEED WUX6600Z

For professionals looking for top quality installation laser projectors for commercial, medical and education use, the Canon XEED LASER range offers a new centrally-positioned lens design with near maintenance free laser life, HDBaseT connectivity plus a choice of six optional motorised lenses ensuring you can achieve your desired image width whatever your environment.

  • RS-SL01ST with a 1.5x zoom and 1.49-2.24:1 ratio
  • RS-SL02LZ with a 1.7x zoom and 2.19 – 3.74:1 ratio
  • RS-SL03WF with a 0.8:1 ratio
  • RS-SL04UL with a 1.97x zoom and 3.55-6.94:1 ratio
  • RS-SL05WZ with a 1.5x zoom and 1.0-1.5:1 ratio
  • RS-SL06UW with a 0.54:1 ratio
  • Laser / LCOS Display Technology
  • 6600 ANSI Lumens
  • 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA) Resolution
  • 4000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 5 Years Warranty (Projector)
  • 17 KG's (Weight)
    Excl. VAT £4,866.00 Incl. VAT £5,839.20


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    The Canon XEED WU6600Z features superb colour reproduction and clarity of image thanks to LCOS technology and Canon optics.

    The Canon XEED WU6600Z features a laser light source, 6600 ansi lumens, native high definition WUXGA resolution (1920 x 1200 pixels, 16:10 aspect ratio) extensive connectivity inputs, a suite of optional interchangeable lenses to cater for all environments all backed up by a rock solid Canon Manufacturer warranty for total peace of mind use.

    The Canon XEED WUX6600Z is a superb all rounder in the installation category for laser large venue projectors.

    Canon XEED WUX6600Z key features:

    • Laser light source for up to 20,000 hours use. No more costly lamp replacements

    • High-brightness across entire zoom range

    • High image quality

    • Six easy-fit motorised lens options

    • Extensive connectivity inputs including HDMI, HDBASET, DVI and Displayport

    • Simple to install and easy to maintain



    Projection Technology Laser Light Source / LCOS
    Resolution WUXGA
    Brightness (Lumens) 6600
    Contrast Ratio 4000:1
    Lens Ratio NA
    Optical Zoom NA
    Lens Shift Vertical Positive (%) NA
    Lens Shift Vertical Negative (%) NA
    Lens Shift Horizontal Positive (%) NA
    Lens Shift Horizontal Negative (%) NA
    Keystone Horizontal Negative (degrees) 20
    Keystone Horizontal Positive (degrees) 20
    Keystone Vertical Negative (degrees) 20
    Keystone Vertical Positive (degrees) 20


    HDMI 1
    DisplayPort 1
    HDBaseT Yes
    DVI-D 1
    VGA in 1
    VGA out NA
    BNC Video NA
    Composite Video NA
    Component Video NA
    USB for display and control No
    USB for PC Less Presentation NA
    RJ45 For Control/Monitoring 1
    RS232 For Control NA
    Screen Trigger No


    Dimensions (W x H x D) in cm 48.0 x 19.6 x 54.5
    Weight (Kg) 17
    Fan Noise (db) 36
    Fan Noise in Eco Mode (db) 32
    Audio Output (Watts) NA
    Chassis Colour White
    Lamp Life (Hours) 20000
    Lamp Life Eco Mode (Hours) NA


    Projector Warranty 5 Years
    Lamp Warranty No
    Incredible high-brightness and outstanding colour
    Canon’s innovative lamp-based projectors will be available in 5,800, 6,700 and 7,500 lumens, while the laser models will come in 5,800, 6,600, and 7,000 lumens respectively. All models deliver high-brightness projection thanks to a newly designed optical system, AISYS 4.2 with improved optical arrangement and LCOS reflective panel technology. The high-quality LCOS panels feature a high aperture ratio, with virtually no gaps between pixels. This ensures the delivery of a fine, detailed image without the ‘lattice effect’, which has the potential to occur when using traditional LCD projectors. Even large, customised installations, such as those seen at museums and events, pose no problem to high-quality projection, thanks to the incorporation of the latest optical systems and interfaces.

    The XEED WUX7500, XEED WUX6700 and XEED WUX5800 feature a native contrast ratio of 2000:1, while the XEED WUX7000Z, XEED WUX5800Z and XEED WUX6600Z include a 4000:1 native contrast ratio, plus 20,000 dynamic contrast. This, along with covering the sRGB colour space, further enhances the viewing experience resulting in richer colours and deeper blacks.

    As precision is of upmost importance, all models feature a processor so powerful it can perform high-quality image processing for top class accuracy. A prime example is the display of greyscale x-ray imaging in medical education, via the Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine (DICOM) simulation modei, which is compliant to DICOM’s 14 standards for medical display teaching.

    Simple installation and running
    The new projector design is robust and durable, offering class-leading specifications. For the laser models, the chassis is Canon’s smallest and lightest to date. This opens up new possibilities for projection by permitting easier installation in compact and challenging spaces. If a problematic space means the projector must be positioned off-axis to the screen, four corner keystone correction will correct the image geometry to keep it perfectly aligned. To facilitate even easier installation, the large lens shift allows the image to be adjusted with no need to tilt or reposition the projector. Additionally, when multiple projectors are required to enrich the delivery of an exhibition, edge-blending allows images to be displayed from several projectors whilst guaranteeing correct pixel position and accuracy. A higher level of heat resistance means the projectors are built to last, making them perfect for longstanding installations such as museum exhibitions or for use in education. The projectors also have a real-time clock, enabling programmed operation at certain times on a weekly or daily basis. With a further five selected date options for pre-set schedules, this is an invaluable feature for digital signage.

    Video, sound and control signals can be delivered to the projectors over longer distances via a single CAT6 cable, thanks to HDBaseT - a standard for transmitting over distance. Flexibility in digital interfaces is achieved through DVI, HDMI and DP inputs, increasing compatibility with a wide range of digital video and computer sources. For example, video conferencing can be delivered by the built-in picture-by-picture functionality. This feature allows for a digital source to be connected to the DVI input and one to the HDMI input, before being perfectly projected onto the screen.

    The new super-high resolution, ultra-low distortion RS-SL06UW lens joins a line-up of six motorised lenses that are available for the new projector models. From ultra-wide to ultra-long zoom, these lenses unlock a range of flexible installation options. The RS-SL06UW has a short throw ratio of 0.54:1 and a large lens shift of -15/+75%, but it still able to maintain perfect geometry. For projection onto domed surfaces, the lens’ marginal focus function maintains accurate focus across the whole area, while its high depth-of-field sustains focus even on awkward shaped surfaces. Each lens ensures superb sharpness across the zoom range, with minimal loss of brightness, while a built-in microcomputer ensures a great performance. The lenses can also be swapped or replaced with great ease, thanks to a specially constructed spigot.
    The projectors come with a range of features that facilitate easy maintenance such as offering simple access to replaceable parts. The lamp in the XEED WUX7500, XEED WUX6700 and XEED WUX5800 can be accessed through the rear of the chassis, making it easier to change without dismounting the model, whilst the air filter can be easily accessed without the need to use specialist tools. The laser in the XEED WUX7000Z, XEED WUX5800Z and XEED WUX6600Z does not require cooling, like a lamp, which means enhanced versatility in terms of where they can be placed. This includes installation in any orientation and portrait mode projection, which is ideal for digital signage.
    Cost and power efficient
    For extremely bright projectors, these models utilise much less power than other products in the same class - just 0.073 watts per lumen when active and just 0.3 watts when on standby. The ECO mode ensures class-leading energy efficiency during operation and when on standby, helping to reduce operating costs. These features combined make the projectors great for educational establishments on a tighter budget. The laser projectors also feature blue laser diode and yellow phosphor light sources, which removes the need to frequently change lamps, again helping to reduce cost of ownership, as these projectors deliver 20,000 hours of maintenance free use.

    Wi-Fi capabilities allow management and control of the projectors through iOS devices via the new Canon Projector Service Tool app. This level of control was previously only possible via wired LAN, but the new app now allows end users to save time by enabling a control functionality, and an error reporting and resolution procedure. Through greater autonomy, users can resolve issues themselves reducing the need for maintenance support.

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