PixelGen Design HDMI (THX certified 4K interconnect 18Gbps) Cable - 5m

Cable quality has a significant impact on audio visual content, especially with high bandwidth 4k content. Image loss, flashes and visual anomalies such as sparkles can all be triggered by poor HDMI connections. PixelGen Design THX Certified 4K HDMI cables have gone through and passed 75 independent laboratory tests by THX, so every pixel is faithfully reproduced with zero effect on picture and sound quality when used in conjuction with 4K source, content and display.
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    THX Certified Interconnect

    THX engineers complete hundreds of different scientifically formulated test to ensure the highest Audio Visual standards.

    What is Tested?

    THX engineers carry out numerous testing under 3 main areas

    Electrical Parameter Performance

    All THX Certified interconnect cables are tested to confirm that they have zero effect on picture and sound quality ensuring that you only experience the complex images and subtle sounds of the artist’s vision – nothing more, nothing less.

    Physical Construction

    Certified cables are built to last with special care taken to ensure they remain securely connected to your HDMI devices.

    Communication Protocol

    All THX Certified cables support the latest HDMI 2.0 features including HDCP security, CEC, ARC and Ethernet functions ensuring that you can take advantage of your devices’ most advanced features.

    PixelGen Design HDMI (THX certified 4K interconnect 18Gbps) Cable

    At 18Gbps, cables matter. Introducing the THX Certified Max 4K Interconnect series of HDMI cables by Pixegen Design. This thin, flexible foot long (1ft/0.3m) passive HDMI cable guarantees max 18G bandwidth and complete HDMI functional feature-set. Perfect for the neatest close-proximity connections in racks and tight spaces, leaving no excess cable to tidy.

    All mechanical characteristics of the Max 4K Interconnect series of cables have been carefully engineered by Pixelgen to ensure the highest level of signal integrity with from a high-speed, low-speed communication & DC perspective.

    Specifically, careful consideration has been taken with critical mechanical characteristics such as; wire gauge, high- speed twist ratios, shield uniformity and overall wire arrangement layout. Consideration of these elements help maximize signal integrity as well as isolate critical signals within the cable itself for maximized reliability and interoperability.

    Premium look and feel on the outside, and superior premium cable quality on the inside. No compromises have been made, well thought out and refined. Pixelgen Design has put an intense focus on delivering one of the biggest “missing links” in the market. Robust 18Gbps connectivity solutions. Max 4K Ensured.

    Cable Specifications

    • THX Certified 4K Interconnect
    • 0.3m-2m lengths utilise 34AWG/8C (4.5mm OD), 3m & 5m lengths utilise 28AWG/8C (6.5mm OD)
    • Supports all formats & functionality within HDMI 2.0b specification (including 4K60 8-bit 4:4:4 & 4K60 12- bit 4:2:2)
    • HDR10 4K60 10-bit 4:2:0 (11.1Gbps) compatible
    • Dolby Vision (WCG) 4K60 12-bit 4:2:0 (13.4Gbps) compatible
    • ARC, HEC & CEC 2.0 , HDCP 2.2 supported
    • Optimised isolation from EMI/RF interference