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Panasonic PT-F200NTEA

This product is discontinued.

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    • 3500 lumens brightness
    • XGA resolution
    • 3 year swapout warranty


XGA (1024 x 768, 4:3)
3500 lumens
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If it's consistent, trouble-free performance in tough environments you're looking for, then the Epson EMP-6110 is ideal especially for factories, pubs or clubs. Its sealed casing and electrostatic filter keep out dust, so you get superb images up to 3500 lumens brightness for longer.
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Panasonic PT-F200NTEA throw distance range: 120-1810cm
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Auto Rolling Filter (ARF) and Anti-Dust Design
A Micro Cut Filter, a high-efficiency electrostatic filter, with superior dust-collecting  performance combines with Panasonic’s original Auto Rolling Filter and anti-dust design to minimise brightness loss due to dust accumulation. The projector automatically
detects when dust accumulates on the high-efficiency electrostatic filter and impairs performance. The affected section of the filter is wound into the casing, so the filter maintains its dustcatching capability. In developing the anti-dust design, Panasonic totally re-engineered the airflow path, from intake to exhaust, to create a cabinet that hermetically seals off the projector interior. This design and the Auto Rolling Filter team up to keep the air inside the projector dust-free at all times.

Original Lamp Drive System for Optimal Lamp Performance
Lamps used in a projector require much higher precision than ordinary household lamps. Panasonic employs a number of new technologies—including an original lamp drive system—that help maintain optimal lamp performance for longer-lasting brightness. This has resulted in a 5,000-hour* lamp replacement cycle

Daylight View 4 Technology:
Remarkable Detail with Enhanced Perception of Brightness and Contrast *
The PT-F200 series feature Panasonic’s Daylight View 4 technology. Sharp edges are achieved with the new “Edge Enhancer Control” and 'Gamma Curve Control.'
Remarkable detail is provided and perceived brightness and contrast are enhanced, so images appear crisp, vivid, 3-dimensional and easy to see even in brightly lit
rooms. Daylight View 4 also includes a built-in ambient light sensor that automatically detects room brightness and adjusts operation accordingly.

Wired LAN: Web Browser Control/Monitoring, E-Mail Message Alert (PT-F200NTEA)
Anybody can operate the PT-F200NTEA by remote control or monitor its status over a LAN network, because it is all done using the computer’s familiar web browser. Furthermore, the projector sends an e-mail message to notify the operator when
an error has occurred, or a lamp needs to be replaced.

Easy-to-Use Remote Control with Laser Pointer
The supplied remote control features a number of wireless projection controls, including Microsoft® PowerPoint® page up/down capability.* The control range and distance have been extended, and the buttons are now larger and easier to use

You can make the settings for wireless connection quickly and easily using Wireless Manager ME 4.5 software. When the presentation is finished, Wireless Manager restores the PC to its previous LAN settings, so the PC is ready to reconnect to your LAN. Functions include Live
mode and Multi-Live mode. In Live mode, the image projected is identical to the image seen
on the PC screen. In Multi-Live mode, you can wirelessly connect with multiple PCs.



Light Source
Display Type
Brightness (Lumens )
Contrast Ratio
Lens Type
Lens Ratio
1.96 to 2.94
Optical Zoom
Lens Shift Vertical Positive (%)
Lens Shift Vertical Negative (%)
Lens Shift Horizontal Positive (%)
Lens Shift Horizontal Negative (%)
Keystone Horizontal Negative (degrees)
Keystone Horizontal Positive (degrees)
Keystone Vertical Negative (degrees)
Keystone Vertical Positive (degrees)







VGA in


VGA out


BNC Video

Composite Video


Component Video


USB for display and control


USB Type A for power


USB for PC Less Presentation

RJ45 For Control/Monitoring


RS232 For Control


Screen Trigger



Dimensions (W x H x D) in cm

x x

Weight (Kg)

Fan Noise (db)

Fan Noise in Eco Mode (db)

Audio Output (Watts)

Chassis Colour

Lamp Life (Hours)

Lamp Life Eco Mode (Hours)


Projector Warranty
3 year swapout
Lamp Warranty
3 years or 3000 cumulative hours

Product References

P1574 / 2231

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