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Optoma HD91

This product is discontinued.

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    • 1000 lumens brightness
    • 1080p resolution


HD (1920 x 1080, 16:9)
1000 lumens
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Optoma popped in recently to let us get our hands on the HD91. First impressions out of the box is the unit is very compact with a sleek matt black chassis and curves in all the right places.

Image placement on to our fixed frame screen was quick and simple thanks to the large 1.9X optical zoom range and decent vertical lens shift. It does have horizontal shift but only minimal at 10%

Once on, we put the HD91 into cinema mode, and put on our demo disc of the Dark knight, Avatar and Book of Eli. Out of the box preset is good, but as ever its worth spending some time adjusting to suit your own room environment (our demo room is bat cave dark). The HD91 has a wealth of adjustments to get the picture to suit your taste. For us we needed to reduce the colour saturation slightly, drop the brightness a tad and increase the dynamic black to setting 3. In addition to this we set pure image to low and reduced the detail setting as it was adding unwanted noise to the image.

Following the adjustments, the projected image was indeed very good on colour, especially for an LED based product but it could not match a traditional lamp based competitor of a similar price for black levels or image clarity. For us the overall image was soft but as ever this area is a subjective one.

The big tick the HD91 gets is the fact that it needs no replacement lamps.

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LED Technology :Powered by LED technology, the HD91 delivers enhanced image quality with a wide colour gamut, superior colour saturation and outstanding brightness. The intense yet accurate colours produce an image of exceptional quality. Advanced LED switching provides increased image stability that rivals the performance of 3 chip DLP projectors and unlike traditional lamp technology the LED illumination in the HD91 provides consistent brightness and colour performance, so maintaining its out-of-the-box image quality throughout its lifetime.

In many situations the perceived brightness of the HD91 LED projector can be up to twice the brightness of an equivalent lamp-based projector. Utilising this phenomenon, known as the Helmholtz-Kohlrausch (HK) effect, the HD91 produces exceptionally intense colours. The brightness perception enables the HD91 to comfortably render screen sizes far higher than its ANSI brightness specifications would suggest. This enables the HD91 to handle low levels of ambient light with far less impact on image quality than lamp based systems.

The lamp-less LED illumination engine that powers the HD91 does not require the inconvenience and cost of frequent lamp changes to maintain its optimal performance. It also doesn’t need lengthy warm-up and cool down cycles before and after every viewing due to its almost instant start up and shut down times.

Installation Flexibility :The efficiency of the LED powered HD91 produces less heat so less cooling is required, resulting in near silent operation. Therefore, the HD91 can be installed closer to walls or ceilings or even built into a small enclosure offering previously unexplored installation options. The light weight 7kg and compact size of the HD91 simplifies any installation, whilst full lens shift and wide 1.9x zoom range ensure placement flexibility.

UltraDetail – Unique image processing algorithms and a dedicated image detail processor gives the impression of near 4K image quality without the artefacts associated with moving pixel systems.

PureMotion4 – The fourth generation of Optoma frame insertion technology provides advanced motion control processing that eliminates motion blurring or image judder, even in high-speed action sequences and 3D modes.

PureColour – Provides balanced colours for vibrant, vivid and natural images. Works in conjunction with the Colour Management System ensuring precise control of the colour reproduction

Dynamic Black – Now taken to a superior performance level by utilising ultra-fast LED switching times, this technology dynamically adjusts brightness frame by frame to produce deeper blacks for exceptional shadow detail in dark scenes, whilst displaying crisp and clear bright scenes.


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