Updated details about ZTE's Android-powered smart projector, known as the Sprint LivePro, have been released by the company after it emerged that many were confused by what the device offered following its unveiling last year.

ZTE called the device a "projector hotspot", meaning that it was capable of streaming presentations or content such as Netflix anywhere, at any time, onto any surface.

However, this caused confusion among industry experts and users, so this year's upgrade, the Spro 2, has been explained in more depth by the company.

Lixin Cheng, CEO of ZTE USA, said: "We confused ourselves. We have to make it very clear that this is a smart projector. People are familiar with a smart TV and a smartphone. This is a new category we created, the smart projector. People want to take their big-screen TV anywhere, and stream video anywhere they want - that's really the key."

The Spro 2 boasts a customised interface as well as a remote, and it also offers colour brightness that is twice that of the original device. It provides a battery life that is twice as long - three hours rather than 90 minutes - as well as a five-inch, 1,280-by-820 touch screen and 16GB of storage.