A group of researchers are working to develop zoomable hologram technology to revolutionise the portable projection market.

The team, based in Japan and Poland, have created a small holographic projection system complete with lensless zoom function. Designed with versatility in mind, the system is currently being developed to provide cheaper and smaller alternatives to classic portable projectors.

The holographic technology used in the portable projection system produces images using the interface pattern from two laser beams to encode and display the image. This system allows an image to be magnified without the need for numbers and formulas.

Focused on the development of the zoom function, the researchers aim to enable zoom to magnify an image without the need for complicated lenses and additional mechanical components.

Although the holographic lensless zoom is not the first to be developed, researcher Tomoyoshi Shimobaba has emphasised the simplicity of the hologram system, which requires only a laser and a LCD panel.

Speaking about the revolutionary projector, Shimobaba said: "If we customise the components we believe we can develop the smallest projector [to date] because our technique is in principle the simplest.”

Mr Shimobaba and his team will continue to refine the image manipulation technology within the projection system and hope it will be commercialised within the next five to ten years.