The invention of a new holographic projection system with lenseless zoom, could pave the way for the future of projectors, researchers say.

The research team, from Japan and Poland, claim that when the device is fully developed it could offer cheaper and smaller projectors across the board. They have now published their findings in Optic Express, the journal of the Optical Society.

The academics have been able to make the projector much smaller by removing the zoom lens, typically required to magnify images to fit on screen sizes. The downside is that the lens itself often takes up a lot of space and adds costs. The researchers have now removed the need for a lens through the use of holography.

A recent statement from the Optical Society explains: “Holography is a way to produce images by using the interference pattern of two laser beams to encode and later display the image.

"By their nature holograms operate without lenses. It is possible to represent a holographic image with numbers and formulas and then calculate how that image can be magnified," the statement went on to say.