Vivitek Qumi Q5 projectors have been installed at York Castle Museum to help bring the dark history of the castle’s grim prison cells to life.

AV Interactive has reported that the projectors have been installed as part of an interactive display that will project life-sized videos of ‘prisoners’ describing their lives spent in the gloomy cells, taking a number of periods in history.

The projector system was installed by York-based AV specialists, RadTronix, after being approached by the museum to put forward a viable replacement AV system for them. The museum’s existing system had become degraded over time and use, offering a lower picture quality and regular failures.

RadTronix’s John Nowell said that they devised a system that sees the projectors mounted in bespoke casings, fed by a multimedia player that is triggered into action when visitors pass by infra-red sensors. The use of the sensor and the auto-power mode on the projectors minimises the amount of intervention needed from museum staff.

He explained, “The mounting holes which are normally used to mount the portable battery pack were perfect to mount the projector in the protective case in the cells.”

The museum purchased ten of the Qumi projectors after carrying out a successful trial of the devices.