Yamaha has launched the YSP-5100 sound projector, which stands above the soundbar category in terms of features and performance.

The new system includes 1080p-compatible HDMI and HD audio decoding, as well as 3D support, in a smaller package than a typical 7.1 surround setup. What is impressive is that Yamaha promises to recreate 7.1 sound with its new YSP.

The YSP-5100 also differs from an average compact soundbar in that it stretches out. It measures an impressive four feet in width, making it a better companion for bigger HDTVs.

Apart from using an astonishing 42 speakers to transmit 120 watts of sound, the YSP-5100 also has 11 CINEMA DSP programme settings, four HDMI inputs (and one output) and wireless options for an add-on subwoofer or multi-media device.

The new YSP is also thinner than previous YSP models, and has what the manufacturer calls a “slimmer, more elegant appearance appropriate for your HDTV or OLED TV”. Yamaha goes on to say that “its room-filling surround sound is spectacular.”

In short, the Yamaha YSP-5100 sound projector offers an all-in-one solution capable of providing good 7.1 surround quality, without taking up too much space in your room.