The Bluetooth compliant digital sound YSP-1400 projector is due to be released by Yamaha in the middle of next month.

Aimed at home cinema and gaming enthusiasts, the device will feature 8-beam speakers and a built-in sub-woofer, ensuring maximum audio quality and performance. The projector can achieve powerful 76W surround sound usually associated with a far larger device, despite its slim appearance and weight of 4.3kg.

"Yamaha Digital Sound Projectors can achieve surround sound by producing beams of sound that reflect off the walls and controlling their directions," the technology firm's website confirmed. The beams can also be positioned over a wide area, ensuring even more powerful sound quality.

The projector can be operated via remote control by installing the free dedicated application entitled 'Home Theatre Controller' to a smartphone or tablet device.

The remote control will be able to operate the projector even if the user has a television that has a light receiving section built into its lower level, as it applies the remote control signal through the underside of the remote, meaning it can be operated with minimum hassle.