The new Yamaha YSP-4100 digital sound projector, mainly for use by the home cinema market, has attracted great reviews by technology and gadget websites.

The HD ‘one-box’ Cinema Surround Sound projector puts the viewer right at the centre of the action, according to Yamaha, which insists that the projector does away with the need for multiple speakers to create that unique cinema-style surround sound experience.

The YSP-4100 is designed for use with flat screens measuring 40 or 42 inches and delivers crisp surround sound using the frequency spectrum. It 'fires' sound beams off walls, which result in the watcher receiving the sound waves from several different directions, resulting in rich, multi-directional cinema-style sound.

Another advantage of the new sound system is the fact that it is so simple to set up. This is largely thanks to the automated calibration system, which measures optimum beam angles, frequencies and levels in a matter of seconds.

Used with a state-of-the-art digital projector, the Yamaha YSP-4100 can turn any room into an amazing space for watching movies, allowing the audience to fully immerse themselves in the experience.