An American 3D specialist has produced the first 3D glasses that will work with all brands of television or projector.

The rise of 3D in home cinemas has been facing a serious hurdle in that there is no industry standard format for 3D glasses. People with one brand of glasses have not been able to use them to watch another brand of screen.

US-based XpanD has this week launched its X103 active shutter glasses, which can be used to watch any screen, whether it is in a multiplex or the comfort of your own home cinema.

XpanD chief executive, Maria Costeira, said she believed it is the company’s extensive global experience in home cinema and 3D solutions that has allowed them to be the first to take this step forward. She said they are finally delivering the consumer tech holy grail of truly universal 3D glasses.

"People think it's 'just glasses'. This isn't a glasses business; it's a piece of high, high, high-technology. It's probably more complex than your TV,” she said.

“We've already had a steep learning curve about what 3D glasses should face in day-to-day life what with kids, sanitation, sizing, weight, and all those things.”

The glasses are retailing for $129 in the US and are imminently due on sale in the UK.