An agreement to develop the world’s smallest smartphone pico projector has been signed.

STMicroelectronics and bTendo Ltd will develop the mini projector which will be suitable for use in smartphones and other portable electronic devices. The projector will allow phone users to share movie clips and photos on a scale larger than their phone screen by projecting them onto any surface they like. The developers promises the device will be cost-effective and energy efficient.

The embedded projector will be less than 6mm high and, according to the developers, will offer a crisp, focus-free, colour image which is vivid and sharp. The technology behind the projector, which incorporates two MEMS-based micro-mirror-actuation devices and an advanced video-processing chip, will be demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress which is taking place in Barcelona this week.

Benedetto Vigna of STMicroelectronics commented, “People want to share their media with others and enjoy the option of expanding their display even for their own personal viewing.”

Dr. William L. Coggshall, president of Pacific Media Associates, added, “The entry of STMicroelectronics into the pico projector market with bTendo’s laser scanning solution represents a major milestone in the realisation of our view that mobile handsets can drive growth of embedded pico projectors exponentially within the next two years!”