QP Optoelectronics is set to unveil the CloudView, touted as the world’s first ultra short throw pico-projector.

The DLP-based system will be debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas later this month.

CloudView can project an image up to 10 times larger than other pico-projectors thanks to LightPad, QP Optoelectronics’ short throw light engine projection technology.

James Lupino, vice president of business development at QP Optoelectronics, said the new product solved the problem of achieving a big screen display in a small space with a handheld device.

“Consumers are wanting to have the largest displayed image possible at even the closest distances, such as desk surface, tablecloth, or even someone’s hand,” he said.

“Our innovations and this product in particular is the first to solve this demand of consumers and we expect that it will appeal to most users who expect pico-projectors to produce a big screen display in close proximity.”

CloudView can also be paired with a smartphone to create a “portable workstation”, with a virtual keyboard projected onto a table or other flat surface.

A new 3D screen technology that can be used with CloudView will also go on display at CES.