A partnership between Samsung and 3LCD is set to produce the world's very first 3LCD LED projector, known as the F10M.

The news of the launch follows the announcement of the project at the consumer technology trade fair, CES 2010, in January. The F10M will also hold the achievement of being the first LED projector to provide 1,000 lumens.

The model's unique light set-up will offer customers an extremely energy efficient projector option, while also making it the brightest LED projector in the projection industry.

Tom Grau, Samsung's senior product marketing manager, said, “Using 3LCD technology in the F10M was an obvious choice. The technology advantages offered by the 3LCD architecture ensure the F10M provides customers with an incredibly bright and energy efficient projector, and when paired with an LED light source, even more amazing color and image quality.”

The F10M will have instant on/off functionality, allowing virtually negligible warm-up time and a nearly instant image. The 3-Chip Optical Engine can deliver incredibly bright, true-to-life colour and, without the need for a spinning colour wheel, it will not suffer from the 'rainbow effect' or colour break-up that is often seen in LCD projectors.

The projector will also have a light life of more than 30,000 hours, XGA resolution, an image size range of 40 inches to 300 inches, HDMI input and PC connectivity.

The projector is expected on the international market soon, but there has been no word as yet on pricing.