Renowned AV system designer, The Projection Studio, has just completed work on a new installation at Caerphilly Castle in Wales that has seen the creation of a permanent 270-degree video installation.

The project, led by the Studio’s Ross Ashton, incorporates an adaptation of their successful Illuminata work, which they initially created for the castle in 2010 for two short festival events and saw images projected onto two of the castle’s buildings.

The Studio has used five Optoma EW610ST projectors fitted with extremely short throw .52 lenses for the new installation, which was commissioned by Cadw, the Welsh built heritage body, and details the history of the castle.

The projections cover a surface area that measures 3.5 metres high by 5.2 metres in diameter, wrapping around one of the castle’s circular rooms, where a smooth white plaster finish serves as a projection screen.

The looped show that is projected onto the walls is 10 minutes long, and the circular nature of the projection allows for the images to fill as much of the room as possible, immersing the viewers in the experience. The projectors have been arranged so that no shadows are to be cast on the projections by visitors standing too close.