BlackBerry maker Research In Motion has revealed details of a new feature which will let users of the smartphone stream PowerPoint presentations from their handset to a projector via a wireless connection.

When the BlackBerry Presenter is unleashed, it will also mean speakers can walk around the room during their presentation, using their handset as a remote control for the projector.

Measuring a portable 3.4 by 2.4 by 0.9 inches and offering VGA and S-Video connections for video output, the projector connector will further let users mount presentations directly from email or calendar attachments. Once its link-up to a projector is complete, file transfers begin via the Bluetooth connection.

"Leave your laptop behind and use BlackBerry Presenter to deliver your presentations," RIM says of the projector innovation. "Designed for professionals who are on the go, you simply plug it into a projector or monitor and present Microsoft PowerPoint files wirelessly from your BlackBerry smartphone."

While presenting, the manufacturer continues, users can view their speaker notes or loop slides when they're at a convention or similar event. Presentations can also be frozen on the overhead display while information is referenced on different slides.