3M is leading the way in the pocket projector market with the release of its fourth-generation wireless model.

The PocketProjector MP180 is lightweight and fits comfortably into the palm of the hand, whilst its Bluetooth and wireless capabilities make it easy to store and share files on the move.

The device proves how performance is improving all the time, with its two-hour battery life, 32 lumens, full colour range and SVGA resolution. With a maximum projection width of 80 inches, it is suitable for some of the wider screens.

The 3M projector can store media such as presentations, PDFs and documents, with 4GB of internal memory available. It can be controlled through touch-screen technology or via the supplied remote control.

Although it can be operated wirelessly, the projector can still be connected to audio outputs where required, to enhance the audio or stream content.

A zdnet.co.uk review said, “The MP180 is a viable pocket projector for mobile professionals thanks to its excellent image quality and useful onboard storage.“ The review in particular praises the projector’s practicality and the image brightness and contrast it displays.