Why Laser Projection is the Way Forward

Laser technology is still the new kid on the block when it comes to projection systems, but this relatively recent industry development is far from the underdog. In fact, the technology advancements included in new laser systems make lamp projectors look practically outdated.

Traditionally, projectors use lamp technology to create white light. This light is then filtered into red, green and blue, before being projected onto the screen as white light. On the other hand, laser technology uses (you guessed it) lasers to create red, green and blue light, which is then directly projected as white light on a projector screen without any need for filtering. Ultimately, the laser system results in brighter output and a faster system that can be adapted for almost any environment.

But enough of the behind the scenes technical jargon – what does all this mean in practice? We’ve put together a list of three reasons why laser projectors are rapidly becoming the future of the projection industry.

Lower running costs

Laser projectors such as the NEC P502HL offer the dream combination of advanced technology and reduced running costs. Without integrated lamps, laser projectors don’t require regular lamp replacement, which can be both costly and inconvenient. Additionally, laser projectors also reduce the level of maintenance required, significantly reducing overall cost of ownership.

Less hassle

Not only do lamp projectors require more ongoing maintenance, but they also struggle to provide instant projection when you need it most. Anyone who works in a busy office or events environment knows there’s nothing worse than an unexpected delay.

Thankfully, laser projectors such as the NEC PX602WL help to eradicate this problem, offering a longer life span and instant starts for smooth projection you can rely on.

A brighter future

Laser projectors also mean lower brightness decline, advanced brightness uniformity and consistent light output. This combination of features makes laser systems so efficient that they’ve now been adopted by cinema giants IMAX.

Outside of the world of cinema, the technology is also being adopted in large event spaces and conference settings, where improved brightness is required to keep the attention of hundreds or even thousands of people. Projectors such as the Hitachi LP-WU9750B are now rising to the occasion, delivering advanced features capable of elevating any event to the next level.

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