Why are projectors increasing in popularity?
A recent report released by Futuresource Consulting has revealed that solid state projector sales have increased by 17 per cent during the second quarter of 2016, while the sales of 5-7k lumen projectors are rising 22 per cent year-on-year.

This data is positive news for the market, suggesting that projectors are rapidly becoming the go-to device for businesses, educational facilities and home entertainment fans alike. But after so many years on the market, why are projectors now favoured by so many?

Larger Than Life

There was a time when the size of projector displays was of little benefit due to the poor quality of the technology; without the capabilities of theatre projectors, home cinema projection devices would leave film fans with blurry and unclear images. Thankfully those days are gone, and modern technology has made it possible for projector users to achieve 4K UHD images that match those found in their local multiplex.

For the ultimate home entertainment experience, it doesn't get much better than the Sony VPL-VW520ES. Delivering 4K native resolution that equals theatre quality, this Sony classic brings professional big screen quality to your living room.

Let The Games Begin

Video games have always had a huge following, but the high quality of modern gaming systems has triggered a sharp rise in the number of people embracing this modern pastime. This has proved good news for the projector industry, which now advertises some home entertainment projectors based on their capability to deliver fast-moving, clear images that enhance the gaming experience.

The InFocus IN8606HD is a particularly good choice for gaming fans, offering easy setup, a choice of brightness settings and impressive colour accuracy to create a comfortable and immersive gaming experience like no other.

Low Maintenance

It isn't just the home entertainment projector market that's experiencing an increase in sales, and education and office projectors are becoming the favoured technology in many organisations. Previously, the hassle of lamp maintenance dissuaded some companies from embracing projection devices, but the introduction of lamp-free LED options has signalled an increase in uptake within both office and education environments.

The LCD Epson EB-1771W is an advanced device ideal for both education and office environments. Delivering fast set up, PC-free connectivity and smartphone presenting, the Epson EB-1771W can help boost productivity in any setting.

Although projectors still command a relatively small market share compared to televisions and PCs, it's clear they're increasingly favoured by home entertainment enthusiasts, and are rapidly gaining an even more of a strong foothold in education and business settings. When we consider their increasing number of benefits and the significant rise in sales, it's no surprise that the future of projectors is looking so bright.