More employers are inviting their employees to re-join the workplace as COVID-19 restrictions ease. However, with social distancing needing to be enforced in the office it’s unlikely that many businesses, especially small businesses, will have the office space to keep all employees safe when in the office.

This means that the home working norm will continue for many businesses for the foreseeable future. But who buys the work from home equipment needed to get the job done?

Ultimately, to ensure your business is running smoothly it’s up to the leaders of small businesses to provide all the equipment their employees need to work as if they were in the office as usual.


Everything your team need to work from home

Our homeworking solutions could be the answer to your equipment needs.

You and your employees will need a good webcam to capture every detail of your self-isolated video meetings. When not in the same room as the other participants of your video calls it pays to be able to clearly see the body language and facial expressions of the people you’re talking to – that way you know when things are going well, or you need to turn to plan B.

A large monitor is a good replacement for a regular 15.5 inch laptop screen. Most companies these days have realised the efficiency improvements found from giving their employees two screens, well how about a giant screen display to boost productivity?

We have a range of high spec Phillips work screens available, including the Phillips 241b7QUB HEB/00, which has a huge 24 inch screen, simplified connections with both Type C and A connectors. This fantastic unit also offers an Ethernet connection, power charging via USB-C and easy docking via DisplayLink functionality.

It also comes with a built-in webcam, which – as well as supporting communication on video meetings – can be used for secure log in to a computer using Windows Hello facial recognition.

A dedicated keyboard and mouse combo are another big productivity booster. The Logitech MK850 Performance Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo will mean your employees can work comfortably from home without the restrictions of a laptop touchpad and small keyboard. A large keyboard allows for quick and accurate typing, while a contoured mouse is comfortable in the hand and easy to use for extended periods.

Plus, with this keyboard all it takes is one click to enable multi-device mastery. Employees will be able to seamlessly switch between using the keyboard across devices, including computers, tablets and mobile phones.

The keyboard is battery operated, but your employees won’t need to change the batteries every five minutes, new batteries will last for 36 months, while the mouse will be ready to work for 24 months.


Bundled solution

The Logitech Personal Video Collaboration Kit (991-000311), is a good home working and office solution if you’re looking for a simple kit to buy quickly for your team.

Included in the kit is a webcam equipped with an HD camera and a Bluetooth headset which can help cut out background noise – whether it’s the washing machine tumbling in the background, or the noise of your colleagues in the office.

What’s more, the C925e webcam delivers full 1080p HD video and is fully compatible with almost any video conferencing software.

Small businesses – help your employees adjust to working from home

As a small business owner times maybe tough now, but one way to ride out the current situation is to ensure your employees have the capability to work efficiently and effectively from home.

In this economic climate you can’t always expect your employees to fund their own home office supplies, so invest today and maybe you’ll find your entire team prefers the new working from home culture.

What’s been forced on us as a necessity could be embraced as a choice in the future, boosting productivity and employee focus.

If you’d like more advice on the best homeworking technology for your team, contact the team at Projectorpoint today.