Logitech webcams are recognised as some of the best on the market; both for teams in an office space and those conducting business from home.

With more people working from home than ever, a top notch home office has become highly desirable. The best set up will allow you to take a full part in conference calls without worrying about picture lag or garbled speech.

In this article we’ll take you through the Logitech webcam offering, clarifying what each model is best for. We’ll also include information about how to set up each Logitech webcam system, so you’re ready to go in minutes.

Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam – £106.80 Incl. VAT

The Logitech C920 HD Pro is probably Logitech’s most popular webcam, and for good reason too.

The Logitech C920 HD Pro webcam delivers full HD video at 1080p at 30fps, which is supplemented by crisp and clear audio, so you’ll be clearly seen and heard by all participants of a video call.

The high frame rate of the video makes this webcam suitable for live streamers from video gamers to other content creators, such as live musicians or bloggers.

Key features:

  • Affordable – for home workers
  • Premium quality - full HD 1030p at 30fps
  • No lagging - 5 element glass lens for elite autofocus
  • Bright images - automatic HD light correction means bright, contrasted images in all light conditions
  • Full Stereophonics – with microphones on either side of the camera you’ll get clear and crisp speech


Click here to buy the Logitech C920 HD Pro webcam.

Logitech BRIO – £202.80 Incl. VAT

The Logitech BRIO is a step up from the C920, with its 4K ultra high-def camera it will guarantee superb video under any conditions. With its ever reliable high quality video, this is a webcam very much suited to regular webcam users with prestigious clients or colleagues.

If your schedule is more meetings than solo projects you need a webcam you can lean on for hours at a time.

The Logitech BRIO boasts 5x zoom, super high frame rates, optimal performance in all light ranges and tons of features which set it apart from other models.

Key features:

  • Detail - with 4K HD body language is clear
  • Light adjusting – works perfectly in all light conditions
  • 4K recording – smooth video ideal for streamers
  • Secure – face recognition technology unlocks camera
  • Adjustable view – frame your video perfectly


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Logitech MeetUp - £1,018.80 Incl. VAT

This webcam is ideal for both the home office and small conference rooms – so if you’re looking for something that will do the job when you’re back in the office too, this could be a good choice.

There has been a rise in the adoption of small conference rooms, otherwise known as huddle rooms, suitable for one to six people and the MeetUp would feel right at home in one.

Logitech MeetUp is a great solution for small teams and start-ups working in such environments, giving a more professional image than your team gathered around one laptop.

It doesn’t lose face on quality either; the 4K optics and 120-degree field of view mean everyone is visible, even when they are in the corner or at the back of the room.

Understanding how to set up the Logitech MeetUp webcam is simple too, watch the useful set up video on our product page.

Key features:


  • Integrated audio – for huddle room acoustics
  • Simple set up – so you can ‘plug in and play’
  • Wide field view – suitable for tight spaces
  • Wall mounted – compact design minimises cable snaking


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Logitech Personal Video Collaboration Kit - £249.60 Incl. VAT

The Logitech Personal Video Collaboration Kit includes the Logitech C925e webcam for crystal clear video calls and everything else you need to make seamless video calls from a personal workspace.

This kit matches an HD webcam with an easily controlled Bluetooth headset designed for the open office.

The Logitech C925e offers full HD 1080p video and integrates with all major video conferencing software, so you can jump on a video call any time you need.

Key features:

  • Crystal clear audio – noise cancelling mic cancels out distracting background noise
  • Sharp video clarity – 1080p resolution, 30fps and optimised for dim light
  • Headphone call controls – adjust volume, mute, pause and enable noise cancelling function
  • Seamless integration – Skype for business, Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, Zoom

Click here to buy the Logitech Personal Video Collaboration Kit.


Logitech office solutions

Logitech also offers solutions tailored for office spaces. Below we’ve selected two of the most popular which could be suitable for companies looking to upgrade their meeting setup, as they start to consider a return to a socially-distanced office.

A rethink of office meeting culture might be needed, and more video meetings could be the answer.

Logitech CONNECT - £538.80 Incl. VAT

Logitech CONNECT is suited to medium-sized business with small teams. This webcam, like the MeetUp, is also designed for huddle rooms. The simple set up and portability allow all your teams to have video conferences when necessary, and meeting organisers can take the CONNECT from room to room when required.

With its simple set up and mobility, CONNECT is perfect for fast moving businesses which need to present a professional image.

Key features:

  • Compatible – the Logitech Collaboration Programme makes calls with Skype, Microsoft Teams and other video conferencing software seamlessly
  • Portable – integrated for simple webcam set up
  • Optimised – for small groups and meeting spaces

Click here to buy the Logitech CONNECT webcam.


Logitech GROUP KIT with Intel NUC PC – Quotes available

The Logitech GROUP KIT with Intel NUC PC is the ultimate conferencing kit for meetings both large and small.

This all-in-one kit makes video conferencing hassle-free and could be a useful addition to your company’s tech set up as employees start returning to the office. This product will be a fantastic solution for multinational companies and organisations with offices in different locations that need to communicate regularly with team members and clients in different parts of the world.

Setting up the Group KIT Logitech webcam often requires a specific configuration so please visit our product page to get a quote.

Key features:

  • Content sharing – with Intel NUC
  • One-click tech – Illuminari QuicklaunchSE
  • Integrated – with common collaboration apps

Click here to get a quote for the Logitech GROUP KIT with Intel NUC PC.


How to set up a Logitech webcam

Logitech webcams are known for their ease of setup, any member of your team should be able to set up the majority of the models above. The Logitech GROUP KIT with Intel NUC PC can require specific configuration, but the experts at Projectorpoint can help.

For detailed instructions on how to set up each Logitech webcam visit the product page to watch the easy to follow videos, or check the set up manual included with the webcam. If you’re still stumped, please give us a call.


Meetings simplified with Logitech

Whether you are purchasing a webcam for your home office or starting to put some medium to long term plans in place for a return to the workplace with your team, a high quality, reliable webcam will be a good investment. With many companies no doubt looking to review their meetings policy in the next few months, and limiting in person meetings where possible, now could be the right time to buy a new webcam.

Whatever your role, you might be running your own start up or be responsible for the meeting room technology at your company, with a Logitech webcam you’ll enable your business to run more smoothly.