Which home cinema equipment would best suit my room?
When setting up your new home cinema, it can be tempting to simply purchase the cheapest or perhaps the most highly regarded equipment available without considering your personal circumstances.

While in some homes a classic 4K projector can be difficult to place, in larger rooms a short throw projector could make it difficult to display a clear and crisp image on a significantly bigger projector screen.

We've taken a look at two home cinema case studies to highlight the different aspects of your home that should be taken into account when considering which home cinema equipment is right for you.

Performance in a small space
Following the loss of a beloved cinema room to a destructive house fire, one Midlands-based home cinema enthusiast chose to have his favourite viewing area restored to its former glory.

Measuring just 4.7m x 3.8m, the small room proved a challenge for the media company that took charge of the project, but the discovery of the versatility of Sony VW-ES400 4K 3 LCD 1080p projector transformed the project into a success.

To ensure the projector images were enhanced, the media company also installed Sony fans set to operate at a low level when the room was in use. This helped to control the temperature and improve the dynamics of the slight room without impacting on the audio quality in the near-silent room.

A bigger picture
When asked to create the perfect home cinema for a client with a reasonably large attic room, one Maidstone-based media company selected a compact but powerful Optoma HD50 1080p projector to provide picture quality that would travel across a larger distance.

The Optoma HD50 is well-suited to larger spaces thanks to its integrated PureMotion frame-interpolation technology, which provides advanced motion control processing technology to help eliminate motion blurring when delivering high-paced images. Completed with two HMDI inputs and a 1.5x zoom, the HD50 is particularly flexible projector ideal for home cinema installations.

To minimise intrusion on the cinema space, the Optoma device was attached to the ceiling and a fixed acoustically transparent screen installed, which allowed for in-wall speakers to be mounted inside the framework of the screen to enhance audio travel across the room.

When it comes to choosing your home cinema system, there are hundreds of home cinema projectors that could tempt you into making a purchase. But we recommend speaking to an expert to find out how your decision could optimise or damage the overall effect of your home cinema set up.