With a number of projectors on the market, it's little wonder that it's so difficult to work out what projectors work best in education and teaching environments. This short but sweet blog will highlight some of the attributes required in a projector.

As we know, technology in the education system is booming and it is playing an essential role in the education field. Along with using technology in the classroom to teach, projectors are increasingly being used for school assemblies, social clubs and sports training activities.

Where projectors become particularly useful is in the higher education field. It provides a much better resource than most other technology devices and is an excellent tool for getting students more engaged and involved in learning.

Teachers can present lessons and lectures with ease from their laptop. They can share images and videos with ease and make lessons a lot more interactive and engaging. Added to this, the ease of switching between static and moving images, such as movies and video chat, further enhances learning and promotes blended learning — a formal education programme in which students learn through the delivery of content via a number of digital and online media means.

So what key features are required to fit the above criteria? Firstly a short throw lens is essential. Usually (but not exclusively) in classrooms, the projector is near the front. Therefore, a short throw lens will show images and content in a clear and large perspective from close to the screen.

Typically, these projectors are also mountable, so having the capability to mount your projector is particularly useful for convenience and for saving space when the projector is not needed.

LCD technology is another feature that is considered better for the variety of functions that a projector in the classroom will have to perform. Additionally, having high definition capabilities and HDMI connectivity for easily connecting the projector to DVD players and other computers is a boon that teachers won't be able to pass up.

So there you go, these are just some of the features and functions that you will need to consider when purchasing a projector for education purposes. Click here to see a selection of our best projectors.