What to look for in a gaming projector What to look for in a gaming projector

Specifications for projectors vary enormously and it pays to know what works best for your specific requirements. So if you're looking for a gaming projector, which boxes do you need to tick to deliver the best gaming experience?

The real value of choosing a projector over a screen when gaming value lies in the immersive experience they create for the players. To achieve this, the projectors need to be specifically designed to show intricate detail and glorious colour, while avoiding any input lag or refresh rates that might interfere with the gaming experience.

Refresh rates should really be 120hz or above to enable the projector to process video at a rate fast enough to deliver crisp and seamless images for the game. The best gaming projectors will deliver a high contrast ratio in the region of 100,000:1 or better, but for a decent gaming experience look for something above 5,000:1 at a minimum to ensure the best visuals during even the darkest moments of game play. In terms resolution, 1080p HD are really the only option worth considering.

One new projector that looks like it should really hit the mark is the Acer Predator. Announced at IFA 2015, the Predator meets the specifications for a good gaming projector and has the added advantage that it provides an excellent short throw image.

In fact, the projector needs just 50cm to deliver a display of up 120 inches. This ultra short throw technology is thanks to a smart lens system that has been installed on the top of the projector, enabling it to fire its image upwards rather than outwards.

We're still waiting for the full specifications on this new projector but the response from the launch event was very positive and we reckon this is one piece of technology gamers should keep a close eye on.