What to consider when buying a projector for your own garden cinema
With summer officially upon us, we thought we’d do a blog on what to look out for when setting up an outdoor cinema or music concert in your garden. With Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds music festivals frequently being televised, a projector set up in your garden could perfectly set the mood for the rest of summer! Alternatively, you could use it to screen the latest DVD and Blu-ray releases and invite all your friends and family.

So how do you make this happen? Well, if you are looking predominantly to screen films for your neighbours and your friends, you will likely need to choose a 1080p projector that comes with an HDMI input. More importantly, you will need the projector to be bright enough to counter the ambient lighting, so make sure that it outputs a high lumen count.

Obviously sound is a major factor when deciding on a garden cinema. Projectors typically have a built-in speaker, but these may not be quite loud enough for your purposes. Alternatively, then, you can hook it up to external speakers, but you will need to ensure that the projector has Audio Out capabilities.

If you are wanting further connections, including the ability to use streaming devices for your projectors, such as a Google Chromecast or Apple TV, you will need to have the appropriate input port for the projector.

Of course, you will also need a screen (unless you are a maverick and think the best way to watch a film is on a linen bed sheet!) Here at Projector Point we wouldn’t recommend that, of course. Instead, we advise that you take a look at some of our pull down screens here, which are easy to set up and store away at the end of the summer.

Check out all of our projectors here to make that all-important decision when deciding if you want to set up your own garden cinema.