What factors should you consider when buying a projector for business?

What factors should you consider when buying a projector for business?
What factors should you consider when buying a projector for business?
When deciding what business projector to buy it's important to list each of the important criteria you require. Here, we'll give a brief run down of what to look out for and what to consider when purchasing a projector for your company or organisation.

The first thing to consider is how portable you want the projector to be. Will you be moving it frequently between rooms, or will it be in a fixed position in one of your meeting rooms? Sizes for projectors can range from the small and light to rather large ten-pound projectors. So before you purchase, decide whether you need the projector to be easily movable.

Another crucial point to consider is what kind of activity are you going to be using the projector for. What makes projectors pretty nifty is that they can scale images up or down to their resolutions. However, this does come at the cost of sacrificing image quality. So, if you want to project high-quality images, resolution is critical. This also applies to projectors that are widescreen. Just ensure the computer you are projecting from, and the projector resolution are the same pixel count for the best quality!

Brightness is also a factor in the decision-making process when it comes to projectors. This is purely dependent on the amount of ambient light the room has (or can be reduced to) and even the size of images you are projecting. It's also wise to keep in mind that too bright a projector can have an adverse effect on eyes, particularly if the room is darkened.

The type of connections the projector caters for is also a factor. If you want mobile phone devices and multiple laptops connecting wirelessly, then you will need to purchase the appropriate projector with this capability. That's if you are planning on collaborative work, of course. If you are just planning on using one device, then the choosing of a projector is a lot simpler, depending on what connection your laptop or computer has.

You also need to consider whether you need audio or not. If you require sound, you need a projector that is of a high quality and certain loudness for your requirements. Alternatively, you might consider a separate sound system that can cater for the business's needs.

Finally, what type of throw do you need? By this we mean, do you need a short throw? This type of lens allows you to throw a relatively large image from a relatively short distance away. Typically short throw projectors need three to six feet of space to be able to project an image, so that's also a consideration you should make when deciding.

This list is by no means definitive — as any purchasing manager will know, you've also got to take into account costs. However, we hope we have made your life simpler, and if you need further help, why don't you browse our collection of projectors?

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