What are large format displays and why should I consider one?
Have you ever visited a company, or even a fancy school, and seen that they have large screens that show certain types of media? And have you wondered what they are? Well, this blog will tell you!

The displays are commonly called large format displays in the industry and are increasingly popular both for businesses and schools. Businesses favour them as they can showcase certain figures in a user-friendly way — such as dashboards or advertisements for a particular product they are showcasing. When it comes to schools, they choose them for certain events that are happening, such as parents' evening or the latest school production or performance, for example.

Typically, large format displays are made up of flat screens and are fairly minimalistic in terms of design. You can usually spot them mounted on walls behind reception or in an office. They are meant to be eye-catching to visitors and customers, and can be either used independently or grouped together as part of a larger, bolder display.

Sizes of the screen vary from 32 inches right through to the mammoth 90-inch models. It depends on what you are using it for! With a large amount of connection ports and adaptors available to large display format screens, companies can use a number of different media sources, including video.

Many of the display screens also have the ability to integrate touch screens. This makes them ideal for interacting with potential customers and clients, for example.

So what are the benefits of large format display screens? Well, for starters, they help engage and inform the customer whenever they are heading into your business. If you are promoting a product or an event, you want to make sure people know about it. By displaying all kinds of messages on screens, this ensures you get the message across in a fun way. It’s also a great way at interacting with your clients and providing something eye-catching.

We have a number of large format display screens here at ProjectorPoint, so feel free to browse through the many options available!