An English artist has inserted a tiny piece of technology into his wife's wedding ring, turning it into a mini projector that can store and display some of their precious wedding photos.

Luke Jerram wanted to do something unique for his wife-to-be, Shelina, so worked with specialist jewellers, Tamrakar, to devise the piece of microtechnology.

The silver ring acts like a tiny slide projector, containing a camera lens and miniature slides. When it is held up to a light source light passes through the transparent photographic slide and the lens, enlarging and projecting the images onto a surface on the other side.

Luke said he was inspired to make the ring by the 19th century pioneering display devices known as Stanhopes. The Stanhopes were optical devices that allowed the viewing of microphotographs that measured just three by three millimetres without using an expensive microscope.

Luke has inserted a number of pictures of himself with Shelina into the ring and plans to update them with photos of their big day.

It is not the first time, either, that Luke has turned to technology in jewellery. His proposal was contained in a 20-second message that had been etched into the surface of the engagement ring, which played out to Shelina in the same way that vinyl records produce sound.